Villanueva de Sijena’s lawyer says that the arguments of the TS put the return of the paintings from Catalonia at risk

The lawyer of the Villanueva de Sijena City Council, Jorge Spanish, has warned that the ruling of the Supreme Court confirming the Aragonese ownership of the assets of the Sijena Monastery also opens a jurisprudential line that allows the sale of pieces from national monuments and thus endangers the return of wall paintings. The Supreme … Read more

“Considerable risk provision”: Aareal shocks with profit warning

A bank could hardly be any clearer in its forecast: “Clearly positive operating result expected in the mid double-digit million range” – this is what Aareal Bank announced to its investors on November 12th (the reason for the presentation of the Q3 figures). Now, admittedly, something has happened since then. And yet astonished that all … Read more

Coffee Consumption and Risk of Prostate Cancer – Articles

Introduction Prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer and the sixth leading cause of cancer death in men. In 2018 there were 1,276,000 new cancer cases and 359,000 cancer deaths. It is estimated that almost three-quarters of prostate cancer cases occur in developed countries. Since the 1970s, the incidence of prostate cancer has … Read more

Petroecuador backs down on its irregular insurance and signs with Sucre, again

The state-owned Petroecuador informed that, until next April 4, it will hold a new contest to select a winner of the all-risk policy that had been awarded on December 7 with Hispana de Seguros and Latina Seguros. The announcement comes after the cancellation of that contract that was already in execution. It justifies that the … Read more

“We do not expect any death”, “risk 0 does not exist”

Zero risk does not exist. In nothing. Before the pandemic, when the world’s population flew assiduously, they took planes even knowing that no one could assure them that they would land safely at their destination. Now, after a year dealing with the Covid-19 and already accusing pandemic fatigue, the latest CIS survey reveals that 40.5% … Read more

Political storm! Donald Trump dismisses probable impeachment by Democrats in Congress: “It’s zero risk to me”

UNITED STATES.- The president Donald Trump He delivered a speech during a visit to Alamo, Texas, this Tuesday, January 12. The mandatary, threatened by a second impeachment trial promoted by Democrats in the House of Representatives, called for “peace and calm” after his supporters they invaded the capitol on January 6, in a coup that left … Read more

Is Donald Trump running any legal risk?

Those legal policies raise tough questions for Justice Department prosecutors – and possibly the courts – such as whether Trump’s speech to his supporters on a political issue can be considered an official act. “The truth is, the whole thing is fraught with uncertainty,” Goldsmith said. Could Trump be denied public office in the future? … Read more

▷ Risk factors, symptoms and prevention of breast cancer in women – Ocronos

Included in the magazine Ocronos. Vol. IV. Nº 1– January 2021. Initial Page: Vol. IV; # 1:29 Main author (first signatory): María Jesús González Fernández Date received: December 21, 2020 Acceptance date: January 7, 2021 Ref.: Ocronos. 2021;4(1):29 Authors: Maria Jesus Gonzalez Fernandez Maria Inés Calvo Delgado Irene López Oliveros Francisca del Robledo Vicente Castellano … Read more

Drinking coffee linked to lower risk of prostate cancer

MADRID, 12 One. (EUROPA PRESS) – Drinking several cups of coffee every day may be linked to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, suggests a pooled data analysis of the available evidence, published in the online journal ‘BMJ Open’. Each additional daily cup of the infusion was associated with a reduction in relative risk … Read more

NBA: Will they have a cutoff point? Coronavirus cases put the league at risk

U.S-. NBA begins to present its first serious problems facing the coronavirus. After finishing last season in the Orlando “bubble”, getting teams to their regular venues seems to be costly. Almost a month after starting its activities, the league begins to see suspended teams and several of its stars with positive cases. It all started … Read more