Be careful where you charge your electric car. There is a risk of a fine of several hundred euros for this!

The fact that there is a shortage of charging stations for electric cars in Slovakia is a well-known problem. The companies operating charger networks have promised to expand the network, but dozens of them are currently missing in parts of Slovakia. That it can be a big problem, warns the server According to information … Read more

SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS: Fulfilled, they reduce the risk of diseases

These data in line with the adverse health effects of loneliness and isolation in old age are only partially explained by certain confounding factors, including level of income, education or background. health. Until then, we did not know if these links can erase part of the risk of chronic diseases later in life. This new … Read more

Expert: The risk of sweeteners exaggerated

According to a Swedish expert, American researchers’ warning that the sweetener erythritol can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and premature death is exaggerated. As Dagens PS has previously reported, researchers have found in a new study that the sweetener erythritol poses health risks. Men Ingrid Larssonnutritionist at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and associate professor … Read more

Fast food consumption increases risk of liver cirrhosis, study finds

Fast, tasty and often at more affordable prices than a healthy meal, fast-food style eating is advancing in the world, following the increase in obesity and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Much has already been said about the harmful effects of consuming items such as ultra-processed hamburgers and french fries in hydrogenated fat. … Read more

Good trade with the CIS countries. Risk diversification or sanctions avoidance?

On February 25, the Council of Europe accepted the tenth set of sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. EU restrictive measures against activities that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine now apply to a total of 1,473 individuals and 205 entities. The restrictions set by the EU in … Read more

Central bank head Holzmann sees no risk of a banking crisis like 2008 – Economy –

18.03.2023 18:01 (Akt. 19.03.2023 14:12) ECB Governing Council member: Wouldn’t have withstood any risk test of a European nature ©WHAT Austria’s central bank chief Robert Holzmann is trying to calm down after the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the USA and the turbulence at the ailing Swiss bank Credit Suisse. He sees … Read more

having a stroke increases the risk of poor sleep

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is the leading cause of disability acquired in adulthood and the second leading cause of death. Understanding its mechanisms and consequences is therefore important. Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa wanted to better understand the dynamics between stroke and sleep disorders. Stroke changes sleep patterns Numerous studies … Read more