Lorenzo Méndez revealed how Chiquis Rivera’s separation was: “I cried and gave him a kiss on the forehead”

Lorenzo Mendez Y Chiquis Rivera announced their final separation a few weeks ago amid rumors. Although both had avoided talking about it with the media, the latest photos and videos of the singer kissing with a renowned businessman made her ex-husband break the silence about how the last days were with the Mexican regional music … Read more

Malú and Albert Rivera’s first walk with their daughter, Lucía

María Patiño and Mila Ximénez starred in one of the most notorious clashes of ‘Save me’ last week, however, they managed to make peace days later and now the Galician has become the best ally of her partner in her fight against cancer. Also on the cover are the first photographs of Malú and Albert … Read more

“Why is it all over?” This is the true story of the end of Chiquis Rivera’s relationship with Lorenzo Méndez

MEXICO. The Mexican-American singer Janney Marín Rivera, better known as Chiquis RiveraHe has a fruitful artistic career, and in everything he does he seems to be doing great. She has a net worth of 5.5 million dollars and in addition to being a singer and songwriter, she has also been encouraged to participate in her … Read more

Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis Rivera’s husband, mourning Kenny Rogers

Tags: Chiquis Rivera Chiquis Rivera’s husband shares an emotional message on his official Instagram account “Sad day in music … RIP”, says Lorenzo Méndez Country Music Star Kenny Rogers Passes Away At 81 Death of Kenny Rogers. A few hours after the news broke that country music star Kenny Rogers died at home due to … Read more

Chiquis Rivera’s husband, lover of Lorenzo Méndez

Tags: Chiquis Rivera, Jenni Rivera Woman identified as alleged lover of Lorenzo Méndez, denies that this is true It is communicated to the Mundo Hispánico offices to clarify the information He identifies himself as Claudia Varela and says that she is married After it became known that Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis’s husband – Jenni Rivera’s daughter … Read more

Lorenzo Méndez does not contain himself after Chiquis Rivera’s announcement drowned in tears

Your browser does not support iframes. Just a few hours ago, Chiquis Rivera surprised locals and strangers by publishing a video in which he appears crying and assuring that he could not even breathe, images that caused the amazement of some and the courage of others. And it is that this little scene that he … Read more

▷ Chiquis Rivera’s cryptic messages before announcing his separation from Lorenzo Méndez

Chiquis Rivera confirmed his definitive separation from Lorenzo Mendez Thursday morning, September 17. The interpreter of “Animate y Verás” announced the news on her Instagram account. “With a heavy heart … he informed them through this medium that Lorenzo and I have decided to separate,” the star published. “It was a mutual and difficult decision, … Read more

Chiquis Rivera’s brother comes out in defense of Lorenzo Méndez

Your browser does not support iframes. After Chiquis Rivera placeholder image and Lorenzo Mendez announced their separation, users of social networks have turned to comment on the alleged reasons for their divorce and, now, it was Trinity rivera, the singer’s brother, who came out in defense of Méndez and this is what he said. “I … Read more

“I am not the only one who is suffering”: Chiquis Rivera’s first statements after separating from Lorenzo Méndez | Wake up America shows

Read transcript Chiquis and they asked him how the relationship with lorenzo was going mendez. and that was what she said. ahead. Chiquis: God is the one who gives me the strength to carry on. I am very calm. the truth is that I feel that now we can’t talk about one separation … I’m … Read more

Angélica Rivera’s surprising statement about her return to television

“La Gaviota” has kept a low profile due to the damage to her image when she was first lady, last six years, and being involved in the “White House” scandal Angélica Rivera, former first lady of Mexico and Televisa actress, confirmed that he will return to television. Since his departure from Los Pinos and his … Read more