Alejandro Pino ‘Chocolatito’ defends This is Bacán and attacks “EEG”: “There are no prejudices here” | RMMN entertainment | SHOWS

The ‘Chocolatito’, Alejandro Pino, He was enthusiastic a few hours after the premiere of “this is bacan”, the new reality competition that will integrate with figures such as Elías Montalvo and Allison Pastor. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED: MELISSA PAREDES: THE JUDGE REJECTED THE COMPLAINT AGAINST THE MOM OF THE ‘GATO’ AND GIVEN RULES TO COMMUNICATE … Read more

Diego Bertie: Family breaks its silence through a statement for the actor’s fans | entertainment | rmmn | EYE-SHOW

After the death of actor Diego Bertie in the early hours of August 5, his family had preferred silence to face the difficult moment. Now, through the agency that represented the actor, they spoke with a statement dedicated to the public. At the beginning of his letter, spread on social networks, the actor’s family thanks … Read more

Brunella Horna reveals that she returned Richard Acuña’s engagement ring and this is how they reacted in “América Hoy” | VIDEO America Today RMMN EMCC | SHOWS

Brunella Horna He caught the attention of his colleagues from “America Hoy” after he showed off without his engagement ring that Richard Acuña gave him on July 16, when he asked her to marry him in a movie theater in Lima. The first to notice this detail was Edson Dávila, who in the middle of … Read more

Melissa Klug responds to Janet Barboza for criticizing Jesús Barco and saying that it is “a lot of cans for so little sardine” | VIDEO | entertainment | rmmn | SHOWS

Some days ago, Janet Barboza He referred to the relationship between Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco on the “América Hoy” program. The TV host pointed out that the model would be “a lot of sardines for so little can”, a statement that ended with a response from the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’. In the recent … Read more

Pedro Loli: This he said about the ‘ampay’ of his ex Fiorella Méndez and Óscar del Portal | Magaly Medina celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

Pedro Loli appeared last weekend at the Peruvian music festival in Newark, New Jersey (United States), and was approached by a team from “Magaly TV: La Firme”, who consulted him about the media ampay who starred his ex-partner Fiorella Mendez with Oscar del Portal. The cumbiambero spoke for the first time about the infidelity scandal … Read more

La Voz Perú: former Grupo 5 singer attends a blind audition and Christian Yaipén turned around immediately | RMMN entertainment video | SHOWS

The talents who come to the auditions of “The Voice Peru” continue to captivate the coaches of the musical reality and this time the arrival of a well-known singer in the middle was surprised. It is none other than Edu Lecca, a former singer of Group 5 and other cumbia orchestras that made the four … Read more

Jamila Dahabreh breaks her silence after being caught with Álvaro Paz de la Barra | Sofía Franco Magaly Medina celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

After being captured walking through a shopping center with Álvaro Paz de la Barra, Jamila Dahabreh She broke her silence to explain her closeness to the mayor of La Molina, with whom she has been romantically linked on several occasions. In conversation with the production of the program “Magaly TV: La Firme”the popular “ambassador of … Read more

Gian Marco and Juliana Molina: What the singer’s daughter RMMN EMCC said | EYE-SHOW

Gian Marco Zignago was reunited with his audience at the concert he offered at the National Stadium for his 30-year career. The Peruvian singer arrived accompanied by his children, his mother and also by Juliana Molina, his current partner, as announced by the program “In Everyone’s Mouth”. MIRA: Andrés Hurtado passes Roche in Gian Marco’s … Read more

Jennifer Lopez was excited after marrying Ben Affleck: “It’s worth the wait” | United States | USA | celebrity | rmmn | SHOWS

actress and singer Jennifer Lopez confirmed her marriage to actor Ben Affleck with an image shared on social networks, where she shows off her luxurious wedding ring after celebrating their union at Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas. As if that were not enough, JLo made the official announcement of her marriage through her website … Read more

Gino Pesaressi speaks for the first time after his sudden departure from “On everyone’s lips” | entertainment | rmmn | SHOWS

The absence of Gino Pesaressi on the drivein’On everyone’s lips‘ caught the attention of many people, as his departure from the show happened suddenly. Now the former TV presenter broke his silence and revealed the details of his departure. In an interview with El Popular, the former reality boy ruled out that his departure from … Read more