Latin America.- Huelva.- Rocío Huertas shows “economic violence” in ‘La Alameda: 2018’ at the Film Festival

11/15/2020 Rocío Huertas shows “economic violence” in ‘La Alameda: 2018’ CULTURA IBERO-AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL HUELVA, 15 (EUROPA PRESS) The director Rocío Huertas has presented this Sunday at the 46th edition of the Ibero-American Film Festival her documentary feature film ‘La Alameda: 2018’, which is part of the Andalusian Talent Section and is available for viewing … Read more

A study by oncologists from Virgen del Rocío allows optimizing ovarian cancer treatment

BRCA mutational status is the best prognostic and predictive biomarker of response in this type of ovarian cancer. The optimization of treatment with chemotherapy and the appearance of new targeted therapies such as PARP inhibitors has made it possible to increase the survival (global and progression-free) of patients suffering from this tumor, details the Andalusian … Read more

Immunotherapy, applied to sarcomas in the Virgen del Rocío, opens hope in lung cancer and other tumors

Jesus Alvarez Sevilla Updated:11/3/2020 7:43h save Related news The Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville discharged in early October a 34-year-old patient with synovial sarcoma, a rare type of cancer and quite aggressive that usually affects the joints. This woman, with whom conventional treatments did not work, is the first person in Europe with this … Read more

Rocío Montenegro will play in the first of River Plate

rocio-montenegro4.jpg “Game of steering wheel on the left, but also of double 5 or playmaker”, He counted Rocio Montenegro in an interview released by the press department of the Government of Mendoza. Over the years, football became the protagonist of the days of Rocio Montenegro. Among his first tournaments are the traditional Evita National Games … Read more

Ángela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta tested positive for Covid-19: “They will be replaced by Rodrigo Tapari and Rocío Quiroz”

Since the coach Natalia Cociuffo test positive for Covid-19, the participants I worked with in Singing 2020 they were isolated. In this way, Lola latorre, Lucas Spadafora, Angela Leiva Y Brian Lanzelotta They were impersonated by other celebrities in the last week, and this Saturday it was confirmed that three of them tested positive. In … Read more