Motorola is developing a rollable mobile that expands vertically, according to EvLeaks

There are not a few companies that, at this point, have opted for the folding ones. One of the first to launch a business model was Motorola with its revival of the legendary Razr (which, it seems, is going to return shortly in high-end form) and it is precisely Motorola that concerns us today, since … Read more

After Oppo and LG, Motorola would work on a smartphone with a rollable screen

Motorola is reportedly working on a rollable screen smartphone. Unlike those of Oppo and LG, this model would be intended for sale to the general public. More so, its operation would be a bit different. L’Oppo X2021 Foldable screens are now installed on the market with models such as the Galaxy Z Fold or the … Read more

Samsung shows rollable and extendable smartphones

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (and their predecessors) Samsung has already launched more foldable phones than other companies, but it seems like this is just the beginning. We are working hard on new models and completely new form factors. Samsung launched a website showing various uses … Read more

Oppo rollable smartphone with extendable display

Oppo patents advanced phone with vertical sliding screen. The device is very compact to carry with you and does not contain a folding seam. Oppo annually releases a large number of smartphone models within budget A-series, de mid-range Reno series and the high-end Find line up. In addition, the Chinese manufacturer is experimenting with folding … Read more