Familiar faces, there were some in the final table of the Mini Main Event : Paul-François Tedeschi (6e), Mehdi Chaoui (4e), Guillaume Darcourt (3e)… All these big names of the hexagonal circuit will however have to put the cover back in the next few days to hope to add a ring of the WSOP Circuit … Read more


He doesn’t have the most playstyle academic, but his regularity speaks for him. In short, this is what shipitpapa summarizes very well in his last intervention on the forum: “Whether online or live, I’ve always found thatAdrian Guyon was doing fishy or at least non-academic stuff. But on the other hand, whether it’s online or … Read more

The Effect of Changing the CVT Roller for a Lighter Motor Matic Can Save Fuel, Ever Tried MOTOR Plus

While. MOTOR Plus Replacing the CVT roller with a lighter automatic motorbike can make fuel efficient. MOTOR – Here is the effect of replacing roller CVT motor matic with a lighter weight can fuel efficienttim MOTOR More ever try. At that time, the EM-Plus team tested it at motor matic Honda Vario Techno 110. … Read more

New Roller Champions Season is now available with a brand new 1v1 mode

Ubisoft announced today that the new season of Roller Champions, Neo Retro, was revealed. Players can now roll to glory in Pixel City, ride the synth waves of Arcadia, and beat their high scores at Pinball Stadium. ​This new season leads Roller Champions introduced a 1v1 game mode called Clone Clash. In this game, two … Read more

THE BALL – President of Óquei Barcelos speaks of «persecution» (Roller Hockey)

At the end of the match against Benfica (see associated news), the coach of OC Barcelos, Paulo Freitas, dedicated the victory to the supporters prevented from entering the Municipal Pavilion due to the late imposition of security forces, some of which had access tickets. The president of the Minho club, Paulo Mendanha, also acknowledged that … Read more

THE BALL – Sporting wins and rises to second place (Roller Hockey)

Sporting rose to second place in the Campeonato Placard, with the same 18 points as leader Benfica and one more game, anticipated from the seventh round, by beating Famalicense, away, by 5-2. The decisive moment of the match came at the start of the second half, with goals from Ferran Font (29 m) and Gonzalo … Read more

the decision to run over it with a roller shows a lack of democracy in the party

“Trying to hide something here, to drive a roller over it, in my opinion, is not the right decision. This indicates a certain lack of democracy in the party. He can suffer for his views, which are well-reasoned. Those arguments are heard, I hear them as well”, asserted G. Nausėda. The head of the country … Read more

THE BALL – Sporting defeats Oliveirense by the smallest margin (Roller Hockey)

Sporting beat Oliveirense, by 5-4, at Pavilhão João Rocha, in a match for the 6th round of the National Roller Hockey Championship. Matías Platero, Gonzalo Romero (3) and João Souto were the authors of the goals for the lions who follow, thus, in third place, with 15 points, behind Benfica (1st) and Óquei de Barcelos … Read more

Kidney stones powerless against… roller coasters! science confirms it.

No one saw it coming, but by a quirk of fate, the medical and scientific community is proving that the best treatment for kidney stones would be Disney’s roller coaster rides. It sounds like a bad joke or fake news, but it’s one of the most twisted realities the scientific community has come across in … Read more

“Splatoon 3” new weapon “Wide Roller” announced. New roller with wide coating width and high coating performance – AUTOMATON

advertisement Nintendo announced on November 16th thatsplatoon 3]Officially announced “Wide Roller” on the official Twitter account. The other day, in “Splatoon 3”, the new season “2022 Winter Chill Season” is scheduled to start on December 1st. In the trailer introducing the season, a mysterious roller was introduced, but it was a wide roller. The wide … Read more