Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, Rolls Royce: Paul Pogba’s cars have arrived safely in Turin (photos)

Paul Pogba, back at Juventus after a more than mixed stint at Manchester United, is finding his bearings. The French player notably brought back his fleet of cars, which were still stuck in England. Trucks thus arrived at his Italian home, with a load of several luxury cars. Pogba will thus find, in his garage, … Read more

PBSI Rolls Out President’s Cup: Held in August, Total Prizes More Than IDR 1 Billion All – Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) will hold President’s Cup next August. The national badminton championship has a total prize of more than IDR 1 billion. For the first time in the history of Indonesian badminton, PBSI will roll out the President’s Cup championship. The 2022 President’s Cup is a historic championship for PBSI … Read more

Fiat Pulse Abarth rolls without camouflage: it approaches Argentina

The Fiat Pulse Abarth It is already a reality that rolls through the streets of Brazil, in beta mode but without camouflage. What suggests is that after being presented in the neighboring country, the small SUV that is already among the best sellers in the segment in Argentina, could come with this more spicy version. … Read more

Microsoft Rolls Out Update to Patch Malicious Security Vulnerabilities in Edge Browser

In addition, Facebook and Instagram removed posts from users selling abortion pills. According to Meta, posts offering abortion pills violated the policy on pharmacy. The US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade on Friday. For your information, by canceling Roe v Wade, abortion in the US is prohibited in any case. After that, social media … Read more

Microsoft rolls back and re-enables macros in Office

A few months after disabling macros by default in its Office office suite, Microsoft is turning around under pressure from users. Earlier this year, Microsoft took the drastic step of blocking VBA macros downloaded online in its Office applications by default. The main reason for this decision was that macros are actively exploited by hackers … Read more

It is hoped that we will not have to use our nuclear bomb shelters: “There is still a bicycle on the rolls, to power devices” (Domestic)

Our government has only four nuclear bomb shelters. But if there were a nuclear threat, none are really useful for various reasons. According to Minister Annelies Verlinden, we should turn to “alternative means” in such an emergency. Werner Rommers Thursday 7 July 2022 at 03:00

WhatsApp rolls out new options to protect your privacy

The messaging application has just launched new security tools to allow you to choose the contacts authorized to see your profile photo, your personal information and the time of your last connection. WhatsApp wants to give you back control over your privacy. The instant messaging app, owned by Meta, has just rolled out several new … Read more