With intimate kisses, a Lebanese actor celebrates his Ukrainian wife’s birthday in a romantic way (video)

Actor Nicolas Moawad greeted his Ukrainian wife Madeleine on her birthday. Nicolas posted a video clip on his Instagram account, which included excerpts of him dancing with his wife on the seashore and kissing her romantically during their wedding celebration, and attached it to the following greeting: “Happy birthday, my love. Happy birthday to my … Read more

The romantic MESSAGE that Christian Nodal dedicated to Cazzu at the 2022 Latin Grammys

the night of Latin Grammy 2022 was filled with many special moments, one of these was the triumph Christian Nodal who turned out to be the winner for best Música-Ranchera-Mariachi album for the #1 EP ‘Forajido’. Upon receiving the award from him, the Sonoran singer took advantage of the microphone and dedicated and romantic message … Read more

Gerard Piqué is a true romantic lover: the footballer takes Clara Chía by the hand and carries her bag after leaving a Japanese restaurant a few days before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup | People | Entertainment

like a lover, Gerard Piqué he goes out of his way for his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, with whom he was caught again at the exit of a restaurant in Barcelona. Shakira’s ex took her girl by the hand and holding her bag, they walked showing her love. The normality with which the athlete lives … Read more

Cichopek and Kurzajewski will announce important news on the cover? “Romantic session and interview”

Katarzyna Cichopek i Maciej Kurzajewski recently debuted in red carpet as a couple. The lovers appeared at the gala on the occasion of the 70th anniversary TVP. Journalists quickly noticed that the actress’s ring was shining on her finger. Appeared gossipthat the couple is already engaged. Now these reports are confirmed by their friends. See … Read more

Jennifer Lopez believes that taking her husband’s last name will be a romantic move

After calling off their engagement in 2004, Jennifer and Ben rekindled their romance in April 2021 and married in Las Vegas after a year of courtship. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are enjoying their honeymoon in Paris +41 Watch more Soon after, the Latino superstar announced that she would be changing her last name in … Read more

Index – Culture – We couldn’t watch this new romantic movie without crying

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year 2022 from a cinematic point of view is that Harry Styles, who has been in the entertainment industry until now as a pop star, has started to reinterpret himself and appears in serious dramas one after another. At the time, the 28-year-old Englishman was a The X Factoremerged … Read more

Rebela Wilson, who is in a romantic relationship with a Latvian, has announced that she has become a mother

“I am proud to announce the birth of my first child – Royce Lilian, who was born last week via a surrogate mother. I can’t describe the love I feel for her, she is a miracle. I will be forever grateful to everyone involved. It was a years-long process,” says Wilson. Rebela says special thanks … Read more

Meghan and Harry, and their romantic date

The calendar of Prince Harry y Meghan Markle seems to be full of projects, on his return from the UK after having been part of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the couple resumed their professional agenda at full speed. Added to the commitments with which they have complied, which from meghan’s podcast to Harry’s appearances … Read more

The romantic exit of boyfriends of “Peluca” Brusca and Laurita Fernández: “Happy moments”

The host and the producer of Welcome aboard They shared images of their partner’s intimacy. The relationship between Laura Fernandez y Claudio “Peluca” Bruscawho met working together in Welcome aboard (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 4 p.m.) grows day by day and they are in charge of telling their followers how good they feel … Read more