Romina burst into tears and spoke of her nephew’s “betrayal”: “I’m very bad”

Romina Uhrig He opened his heart and opened up about the true relationship he has with his nephew, Fabián. After the former deputy had a rather striking relationship with her relative inside the house, her true relationship with the young man came to light. After being eliminated from the reality show, the 35-year-old ex-participant began … Read more

Romina from Big Brother ignored Ángel De Brito ugly after refusing to go to LAM: “What is his name?”

Saturday, March 25, 2023 18:00 controversy broke out between Romina Uhrig y Angel De Britoafter the driver accused the former deputy of being the only participant who did not go through LAM. The last one eliminated picked up the glove and in what way. Related news Romina He came out at the intersection with a … Read more

Romina Malaspina dressed from scratch in the spiciest front and back video

Romina Malaspina captivated on social media with a risque video, where he wore his physique in underwear. Romina Malaspina is a young Argentine that has gained attention and the love of thousands of users on social networks thanks to his charisma and talent as a DJ, as well as for her impeccable sense of fashion. … Read more

La Tora rushed Romina live on Big Brother: “What are you talking about, ghost?”

Lucila “La Tora” Villar crossed Romina Uhrig on the air in the middle of a debate on Big Brother (Telefe) and he told her everything he had saved for several weeks, especially after what happened with his mother Gladys. It turns out that Romina told the “little brothers” that the mother of “The Torah”who had … Read more

La Tora exposed the worst of Romina after her departure from Big Brother: “It will be known”

Lucila “La Tora” Villar continues to reveal some inmates of the house of Big Brother despite being eliminated for the second time more than two weeks ago. This time, the former participant targeted Romina Uhrig, the last eliminated from the reality show, and assured that “the whole truth will come to light” about her. in … Read more

Jean Paul Santa María, Romina Gachoy’s partner: how he was left with his two ‘tinkers’ VIDEO what trcm show business said | SHOWS

HAPPY WITH RETOQUITS! Jean Paul Santa Maria was shown in Instagram after undergoing two cosmetic surgeries. Romina Gachoy’s partner confirmed that she had liposuction and a profile refinement. See also: Michelle Soifer: Producer of ‘EEG’ Reveals the Hefty Salary He Received on Competitive Reality Shows Laura Borlini believes that Jean Deza should apologize to Vanessa … Read more

Martina accused Big Brother of censoring a message against Romina: what did she want to say

Martina of Big Brother He assured that he was censored by the program and that they did not let him tell Romina that “she is chubby”. The former participant has a fight against Uhrig and she wanted to let him know with a sharp comment that she was forbidden to make. Martina had planned to … Read more

They leak Big Brother’s secret plan to benefit Nacho and destroy Romina and Julieta

The rumors of accommodation in Big Brother (Telefe) gain more and more strength, especially because of how much the image of Nacho Castañares has risen in recent timeswhile Romina Uhrig y Juliet Poggio they are increasingly harmed by the editing of the program. According to viewers, Nacho would be the new favorite of the production … Read more

Romina from Big Brother told the true reasons for her divorce with Walter Festa: “I saw something that I didn’t like”

Written in TELEVISION he 26/2/2023 · 18:54 hs It is not the first time that Romina talks about her relationship with Walter Festa inside the house. The former deputy said at the time that the separation was due to financial problems but as the days went by, she opened up more and more with the … Read more

Alfa’s fury with Romina for saving Ariel from the Big Brother nomination – Paparazzi Magazine

Alfa he expressed all his anger and without filter to Romina after saving Ariel of the name plate. With a controversial position, the player confronted his friend inside the house, the one with whom they have been friends since day one, and told her that she was wrong in saving her. Romina y Marcos They … Read more