Renewable energies: solar boom on German roofs

Status: 06/21/2022 12:28 p.m At the beginning of the year, a third more solar power was fed into the power grid. More than two million photovoltaic systems have already been installed on houses and properties. More and more companies and private households in Germany are using solar energy to generate electricity. According to the Federal … Read more

Czechs live almost the worst in Europe. The roofs and heating saved us from the disgrace

The overall standard of living in the Czech Republic corresponds to the 21st place in comparison with the rest of the European Union, according to the Czech Prosperity Index. At the end of the table, we are moved mainly by the high share of expenditures associated with the running of the household, poor affordability of … Read more

Roofs uncovered, trees felled and in Val di Non fear for a whirlwind (PHOTO). Damage to elementary schools in Predazzo

TRENTO. There were dozens and dozens of interventions by the firefighters yesterday evening throughout the provincial territory of the wave of bad weather that in a short time created numerous damages. Downed trees, landslides but also overflowing streamsmudslides and devastated roofs. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the final damage count can only be done … Read more

Vardø, Vadsø | Birds fall dead all over Vardø: – Fallen on roofs and verandas for people

30.05.22 17:16 30.05.22 17:20 Following several inquiries from the public, the police, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Institute for Natural Research are in the process of taking samples to get an overview of the extent of a highly pathogenic variant of bird flu.

the atom is back on the agenda. Off to the plan to install solar panels on the roofs of all buildings

At this point it is official. To face the emergency gas l’Italia will be able to draw on the 225 billion euros of loans still available in the NextGenerationEu. A dowry to which is added, on a voluntary basis, the use of cohesion funds (26.9 billion), CAP (7.5 billion) and the proceeds of Ets auctions, … Read more

Colored solar panels, invisible on roofs, are on the rise

the solar panel usually looks like a black rectangle. And for good reason, dark shades are those that best absorb the sun’s rays to convert them into electricity. However, these panels with visible cells are not very discreet and they distort the aesthetics of certain buildings. Colored solar panels, almost invisible on the roofs, compete … Read more

A powerful element has devastated Latvia: a hurricane wind is ripping roofs and consuming trees

A hurricane wind ripped through roofs and consumed trees, the airport was effectively closed, and thousands of people were left without electricity. About 2 p.m. in the center of the capital, the maximum wind gusts reached 28 meters per second. There has been no such severe storm in Riga since January 2005. On Monday, wind … Read more

The walk of the macaque wandering on the roofs of Gilly could end this Tuesday

Posted on Monday, November 8, 2021 at 12:40 p.m. Through V.L. Tracked for several days, the animal is still free, but it should not last very long. Last Thursday and Friday, a lot of people were surprised to see a macaque wandering on the roofs of homes in Gilly (video). The firefighters and the SPA … Read more

A 2.1 MW power plant is on the roofs of Bauwerk Group Lietuva

Posted: 2021-10-22 11:22 “ignited” nuotr. After concluding the lease agreement, Ignitis installed a 2.1 MW solar power plant on the roofs of the Bauwerk Group Lietuva factory buildings. It will meet about 6% of the parquet manufacturer’s annual electricity demand. “The decision to rent a solar power plant from Ignitis was due to several reasons. … Read more

Anno 1800 – roofs of the city put to the test

graphic Of course, such structures have to be staged accordingly. Full skyscrapers offer a lot to see, including hot air balloons. Made very entertaining. Sound The soundscape remains pleasantly atmospheric without introducing too much new. Handling The extension offers a lot of innovations, which fortunately are not easy to master, but mostly understandable and comprehensible. … Read more