Children in Rotterdam can use public transport for free next year

“If children travel for free with public transport, it is much cheaper for families to travel by tram, bus or metro,” says Alderman Judith Bokhove (Mobility). “And public transport is a much more fun experience than a ride in a car. This gives children the opportunity to familiarize themselves with public transport from an early … Read more

Stillbirths in unvaccinated women after corona infection

“All the women were unvaccinated,” says Schoenmakers. At the beginning of July, fewer than seven million Dutch people had been fully vaccinated. Nearly 85 percent of adults in the Netherlands have now had a second shot. The Netherlands started vaccinating on 6 January. It is not known whether the women deliberately did not have themselves … Read more

Foreign media about Rotterdam riots: ‘Worst explosion of violence in ages’

Media in France, England, Australia and Israel: they all write about the Dutch corona riots that took place on Friday evening. A protest against the 2G policy got out of hand. At least seven people were injured and dozens of people were arrested. “Dutch police fire warning shots at corona protest”, headlines France24. The French … Read more

Corona demonstrations in Rotterdam and Vienna – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease. Stay up to date in NRK’s ​​overview, or through FHIs nettsider. After 51 people were arrested and seven injured during a demonstration in Rotterdam on Friday, a group canceled its plans for demonstrations in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, … Read more

LIVE | Gommers: ‘If it really becomes code black, then Rotterdam will be peanuts’ | Inland

Disgust about riots in Rotterdam: ‘This is never allowed’ The Netherlands has reacted with anger and horror to the riots that have broken out in Rotterdam, where the police fired shots tonight during a protest against the corona measures. “Violence has established itself in our democracy. This is never allowed,” said Jan Struijs, chairman of … Read more

Rotterdam is also going for compulsory self-occupancy, for homes up to 355,000 euros

From 1 January, a self-occupancy obligation will apply in sixteen Rotterdam neighborhoods for people who buy a house with a WOZ value of up to 355,000 euros. In this way, investors should be barred from that part of the housing market, so that middle-income people have a better chance of buying a home. A self-occupancy … Read more

Fine of tens of thousands of euros threatens after discovering illegal construction workers in South Rotterdam

The construction workers were working on projects along the Groene Hilledijk and the Hillevliet. This includes the renovation of a general practice, let the inspector know. The men worked for contractors. They are required to ensure that every construction worker has a work permit. The workers from Ukraine and Georgia did not have that. According … Read more

Victims of the allowance affair demonstrate in Rotterdam

A number of politicians spoke at the office of the tax authorities. The demonstrators then handed over a package of demands to State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen. She is responsible for handling the allowance affair and the promised compensation for the victims. If it is up to Renske Leijten, the victims will be compensated in … Read more

Rotterdam police provide update on robbery at Lil Kleine

Last Thursday, Lil Kleine is said to have been violently robbed of his Patek Phillipe watch. The rapper came from $hirak’s release party after which he was met by three men who allegedly beat him with a gun and held him at gunpoint. A police spokesperson informed that the investigation is still ongoing and … Read more

12-year-old child arrested for stabbing at Slinge metro station, victim also 12 years old

The incident took place around 1:30 p.m. According to police, the injured child was the victim of a group that robbed him. He was in such a serious condition that an air ambulance was called in to assist with medical assistance. The child was rushed to hospital. He was then conscious. The assailants then fled … Read more