Apology Walkot Bekasi After Meeting Via Zoom from Detention Center

Jakarta – Mayor of Bekasi is inactive, Grace Effendi (Pepen) apologized after the meeting passed zoom from the KPK detention center. The apology was conveyed through his attorney. “Furthermore, regarding mass media coverage of news regarding the existence of Zoom Meeting Between our client and his sympathizers, we need to convey that Mr. Pepen or … Read more

Warsoni’s deception surfaced who had the heart to kill his wife after making love

Jakarta – Police continue to uncover cases murder what Warsoni (41) did to his wife, SS (29), in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta (Jaktim). Recently, Warsoni’s trick emerged that he had the heart to kill his wife after making love. This case was initially widely discussed on social media. In the narrative circulating on social media, … Read more

Omicron Red Zone Makes Micro-lockdown 5 Districts in Jakarta

Jakarta – Five sub-districts in DKI Jakarta are included in the red zone for variant COVID-19 cases Omicron. This red zone status has forced the DKI Provincial Government to implement micro-lockdown. As is known, DKI Jakarta is the province with the most Omicron cases. The DKI Jakarta Health Office recorded the total cases Omicron in … Read more

Aussie prepares to face many deaths because Omicron is getting fiercer

Jakarta – Australia has experienced the deadliest day of the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation occurred because the Omicron variant spread rapidly and made hospitalization rates soar to a record. Reported Reuters, Australia facing the worst of the Corona epidemic. A total of 77 deaths from Corona were reported in a day from three of Australia’s … Read more

Omicron Scan Makes Empty Supermarket Shelves in the US

Washington DC – The spike in cases of the Corona virus (COVID-19) variant Omicron impact on food supplies in the United States (US). Supermarket shelves in the country are reportedly empty because of the supply crisis. The supply crisis was caused by high demand for groceries combined with soaring shipping costs. In addition, the shortage … Read more

Refugee Mastermind Assassination of Haitian President Stops in Jamaica

Jakarta – The fugitive is the main mastermind behind the murder Haitian President Jovenel Moise stopped in Jamaica. Jamaican authorities have arrested former Haitian senator John Joel Joseph for masterminding the murder. The following is the chronology of the arrest of former Haitian senator John Joel Joseph as reported by AFP, Sunday (16/1/2022): Chronology of … Read more

US Military Deploys When Omicron Wave Overwhelms Hospitals

Washington DC – A number of hospitals in United States of America (US) is getting overwhelmed by the surge in variant COVID-19 patients Omicron. The Government of Uncle Sam’s country has deployed approximately 1,000 military health workers (nakes) to assist in providing services to patients in hospitals. White House officials said teams of 7 to … Read more

50.7 Degree Celsius Temperature Record Breaks in Kangaroo Country

Perth – One of the cities in Australia reported extreme temperatures of up to 50.7 degrees Celsius. That temperature equaled the hottest temperature on record in history Australia. Reported from AFP, Friday (14/1/2022), the extreme temperature occurred in a remote town in Western Australia on Thursday (13/1) local time. The Australian Climate Council warned that … Read more

The Horror of the Collision in the Pesing Flyover Doesn’t Discourage Motorists

Jakarta – Tragic accident which makes motorcyclists in flyover Pesing, West Jakarta, does not deter bikers. A number of motorcyclists are still desperate to use flyover urine. Even though there are signs prohibiting cross in flyover urine, but the motorcyclists are still desperate. As a result, nearly a hundred motorcyclists got fined for violating traffic … Read more

Gangster riots in Tangerang are being chased by police

Jakarta – Gangster Running back and forth while being chased by the police caused an uproar in Tangerang Regency. The pursuit of the gangsters was colored by road blockades. This incident occurred in Panongan, Tangerang Regency, Banten. The incident was caught on video which went viral on social media. In the video, it looks like … Read more