Recent Developments in Used Antigen Cases which are Really Concerning

Jakarta – North Sumatra Police (North Sumatra) continue to develop swab test kit cases used antigens that is found on Kualanamu Airport. After identifying the five suspects and revealing the perpetrators’ work, the police shared the latest developments. The police said that until now there were 23 witnesses who were being examined in connection with … Read more

Polri’s assurance that Mother of Satan is not a latrine cleaner

Jakarta – The police confirmed that the liquid was found Densus when searching the former FPI headquarters in Petamburan is a TATP type explosive. An explosive that is often nicknamed mother of satan this was claimed to be the latrine cleaning fluid. The search was carried out by the police, on Tuesday (27/4) at around … Read more

Azis Syamsuddin’s New Chapter at the KPK after being prevented from traveling abroad

Jakarta – After the work room and official residence Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Azis Syamsuddin was searched by KPK investigators. Now, the KPK has prevented Azis from leaving the country for 6 months regarding the bribery case of KPK investigator AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju or AKP Robin. As known, Azis Syamsuddin It … Read more

The story of the woman guarding the cellphone counter reports that her fiancé plays when he is jealous

Surabaya – Video men beat women cellphone counter keeper in central Malang viral. As it turned out, the two of them were engaged and the man was feeling jealous. Video viral it lasts 2 minutes 2 seconds, as uploaded by the Instagram account @malangraya_info. Many netizens were outraged by the action violence the. Since it … Read more

Blessmiyanda’s resistance after being removed by Anies Baswedan

Jakarta – Former Head of DKI BPPBJ Blessmiyanda fight over allegations of sexual harassment. Blessmiyanda will report back to the victim because his good name is tarnished. In this case the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government found Blessmiyanda guilty and committed acts of degrading civil servants (PNS). These violations are contained in Government Regulation 53/2010 concerning … Read more

Controversy Munarman’s Eyes Closed when Arrested by Police

Jakarta – The moment of the former FPI General Secretary Munarman was taken to Polda Metro Jaya with his eyes closed with a black cloth, sparking controversy. Some parties consider this to be excessive, but the National Police emphasizes the handling of the case Munarman according to the rules. Munarman was taken to Polda Metro … Read more

Happy Ending for Nadiem after the Reshuffle Issue Storm

Jakarta – Nadiem Makarim was hit by a storm of rumors that he would be expelled from the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet. But in fact, President Jokowi’s reshuffle has resulted in a happy ending for Nadiem. Nadiem was re-appointed as Minister of Education and Culture-Research and Technology. The cabinet reshuffle issue has been raging for the … Read more

Uncovered 2.5 Tons of Sabu in the Veranda of Mecca Supply from the Middle East

Jakarta – The joint team of the National Police’s Special Task Force (Satgassus) and the Directorate IV of Narcotics Crime Against Bareskrim Polri methamphetamine smuggling. This time, the joint team confiscated evidence shabu weighing 2.5 tons. This is the largest Polri disclosure in recent years. National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo also gave high … Read more

Beranak Pinak Threatened to fire from Danny Pomanto to Contract Force

Makassar – Mayor of Makassar Ramdhan ‘Danny’ Pomanto threatening to lay off thousands contract worker. These contract workers will undergo a retest to be re-selected. Danny Pomanto’s threat was conveyed through the program resetting or a reorganization of ranks would lay off about 3,000 contract workers. Danny said that ideally the Makassar City Government only … Read more

9 Facts About a Boy in Bantul Killed After Eating Takjil from a Mysterious Woman

Bantul – A child from Pedukuhan Salakan, Kalurahan Bangunharjo, Kapanewon Sewon, Bantul, namely Naba Faiz Prasetya (8) died after eating takjil lontong satay. A number of facts emerged from the case. 1. The victim’s father gets takjil from a mysterious womanThe victim’s father, Bandiman (47) said the incident began when he was resting beside a … Read more