Royal families, news of the week: from Letizia Ortiz on vacation to the posts for Beatrice of York PHOTOS

10/13 ©Getty Another tour in the center, another outfit for Letizia Ortiz and the Infante Leonor and Sofia, the most photographed in Palma de Mallorca. For the afternoon walk, the sovereign does not give up on espadrilles for her look consisting of shorts and shirt, a low cost outfit except for shoes, Boss, and sunglasses, … Read more

New Royal Enfield Rp33 Million, and Unique Facts about Hyundai Stargazer

Tuesday, 9 August 2022 – 08:15 WIB VIVA Automotive – There are several news related to the automotive world that aired on VIVA on Monday, August 8, 2022, and were widely read until they became the most popular. Starting from Royal Enfield only IDR 33 million, up to unique facts Hyundai Stargazer. 1. The Latest … Read more

Kate Middleton’s Style Wasn’t Always So Praised: The Duchess’s Worst Outfits Before She Was Royal recalls that the Duchess of Cambridge, also known as Kate Middleton, was once a student at the University College of St Andrews. She and Prince William were still “just friends” when Kate walked the catwalk at the university’s fashion show in a see-through Charlotte Todd ensemble. It was 2002 and, as the story goes, … Read more

Royal Enfield launches “Hunter 350”, the price is shocking, starting at 129,900 baht

Royal Enfield launches “Hunter 350” to penetrate the teenage market, starting at 129,900 baht in the Dapper model and 132,900 baht in the Rebel model, ready to accept reservations immediately. delivery starts in November The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is designed in the style of a mid-sized retro car, packed with a 349 cc SOHC … Read more

Vince McMahon loses another WWE spot

Vince McMahon has retired as Chairman of WWE and today we learn that he has lost a new position in the company. Indeed, the PWInsider has obtained confirmation that Vince McMahon has been removed from the internal WWE roster this week. He was still on this list since he made occasional appearances and was under … Read more

The cost of the royal family reaches … 40 million euros: a record

Endowments for members of the Belgian royal family have increased, reports Sudinfo. They now reach the record of just over 40 million euros, and therefore increase by 793,000 euros compared to last year. This increase is linked to the cost of living and inflation. In total, the Royal Family costs 3.3 million euros more than … Read more

Royal entertainment: Leticia dances with her daughters in the VIP box at a Harry Styles concert

Observing from the sidelines the seemingly privileged lives of the royals, who traditionally occupy a place of honor under the bright lights of the spotlight, one can easily forget that in practice they are not very different from oneself. Yes, the truth is that if we leave aside their titles, which come with a number … Read more

The classic strategy game remake “Royal Knights: Rebirth” is on sale, this time with Chinese version | 4Gamers

SQUARE ENIX announced today (4th) that the remake “Tactics Ogre: Reborn” based on the “Royal Knights” (Tactics Ogre) released in 2010 has officially confirmed the release date. And pre-orders are open. This work supports Chinese. The story of “The Royal Order” begins from the perspective of the protagonist, the young Denim, whose fate and the … Read more