Zurich giant ABB delivers charging stations to UK – rts.ch

ABB to deliver its ultra-fast vehicle charging stations to the UK. The Zurich group has entered into a contract, the amount of which has not been disclosed, with the British Gridserve Electric Highway. Ultimately, the Gridserve network should cover 85% of the motorway network as well as the cities of the country. The market for … Read more

FIFF crowns Ivorian film “La Nuit des Rois” by Philippe Lacôte – rts.ch

The 35th edition of the Friborg International Film Festival (FIFF) crowned the Ivorian film “La Nuit des Rois” by Philippe Lacôte on Saturday. With nearly 33,000 entries, this edition is “a huge success” given the circumstances, say the organizers. For the second time in a row, the Friborg International Film Festival (FIFF) has therefore awarded … Read more

A Hyperloop vacuum transport test track is built at EPFL – rts.ch

EPFL and the start-up Swisspod are currently building a circular Hyperloop test bench on campus. It will be the first to be operational in Europe and it is about testing and improving the technology of ultra-fast vacuum transport. The Hyperloop system, cleaner than the plane and faster than the train, could revolutionize long-distance mobility, writes … Read more

Vaud campers flooded by Lake Neuchâtel will be compensated – rts.ch

The rising waters of Lake Neuchâtel submerged several Vaud campsites last weekend, causing extensive damage to many caravans. The Cantonal Insurance Establishment (ECA) has decided to enter into the matter exceptionally for compensation. In principle, the insurance contracts of the ECA provide for coverage of damage if the water level in the lake reaches 431 … Read more

During the night, the brain sorts through the day’s information – rts.ch

The work of sorting through the thousands of information processed by the brain during the day takes place during deep sleep. In addition, associating a reward with information encourages him to memorize it permanently, according to a Geneva study. Without tools capable of translating brain activity, the content of thought during sleep remains inaccessible. However, … Read more

In Switzerland, luxury real estate is not experiencing the health crisis – rts.ch

Luxury real estate has not suffered from the health crisis, on the contrary, shows a UBS study published on Wednesday. In Geneva, prices have significantly increased due, in particular, to the influx of international customers fleeing anti-Covid restrictions. “In 2020, the increase in demand in the luxury segment pushed up prices by 9%, significantly more … Read more

The mystery of the brilliant shape of Romanesco cabbage has been unraveled – rts.ch

Nature is a genius decorator and this genius is expressed among other things in the haunting and elegant spirals of Romanesco cabbage. An international team has just unraveled the mystery. For decades, scientists have wondered about the secrets of the highly graphic architecture of Romanesco cabbage, a pyramid made up of spirals of smaller pyramids, … Read more

Video games, a new El Dorado for advertisers – rts.ch

As on television, advertising videos will be shown in console games. Indeed, an American company has just signed several contracts with major video game development studios. The objective is to find new income and to reach young people who have left the small screen. 18-34 year olds are heavy consumers of video games, especially on … Read more

The Covid-19 virus does not like summer and the North can relax (a little) – rts.ch

The Sars-Cov-2 virus spreads across the planet seasonally. A scientific consensus is emerging, a year and a half after the start of the epidemic. It remains to be seen whether the vaccines will prevent further winter waves. The Covid19 virus does not like sunny days. It is becoming more and more clear. When summer arrives, … Read more