Rúben Amorim and the departure of Porro from Sporting: «Now he is Conte’s son» – Sporting

January 31, 2023 – 12:24 Full-back leaves Sporting and heads to Tottenham Rúben Amorim commented this Tuesday on the departure of Pedro Porro to Tottenham. “With regard to Porro, it’s more than what happened with Nuno Mendes, Matheus… More than the professional relationship, and of course they are missed, the personal relationship is something we … Read more

Rubén tells Sofía about Julián and Victoria’s parallel relationship – Game of Illusions

In the best moments of “Game of Illusions”: Sofia went to the house of ruben after he was incommunicable. Seeing him, he could no longer remain silent and confessed that he accompanied Victoria in her interrogation with the police because she is the lover of Julian and was in the cabin at the time of … Read more

THE BALL – «Manchester City needs Rúben Dias back to be champion» (England)

Gary Neville, former Manchester United player and current Sky Sports commentator, believes that Manchester City will be English champions, but defends that for that the citizens they need to have Rúben Dias, who hasn’t played since Portugal’s elimination from the World Cup in Qatar, back in defence. «If Haaland starts to engage, Manchester City starts … Read more

FC Barcelona: Rúben Neves divide al Barcelona

Lhe main mission that Barcelona has for the summer market is How to approach the more than likely departure of Sergio Busquets That contract ends on June 30. The Sports Management has been working on the matter for some time and looking at players who can fit the profile they are looking for for that … Read more

Ruben Onsu fried Betrand Peto’s bird for fun, his daughter even cried out loud: Mother said yes you can…

Hops.ID – Even when shooting in the studio Ruben Onsu often pranks his friends, even at home the father of 3 also pranks his children. One night Ruben Onsu mention that beloved bird Betrand Peto Onsu’s son and Thalia Putri Onsu were fried. It immediately took me by surprise Betrand Peto Onsu’s son and Thalia … Read more

Ruben Onsu Forgets to Have Hundreds of Million Money in the Bank

Monday, 26 December 2022 – 11:05 WIB VIVA Showbiz – Ruben Onsu admitted that he was dizzy because he had too many cards ATM. In fact, he said he did not memorize his ATM pin so that he forgot to have saved hundreds of millions in several accounts. Sometimes I forget whether my ATM card … Read more

A BOLA – Recovery day with two news for Rúben Amorim (Sporting)

Hours after the victory (2-0) against Rio Ave, in Vila do Conde, for the League Cup, Sporting’s main squad returned to work at the Cristiano Ronaldo Academy, in Alcochete. The big highlight goes to the return of Sebastián Coates and Abdul Fatawu, central defender and winger who were, respectively, at the service of the Uruguay … Read more

European Film Weeks: Swede Ruben Östlund “without filter”

A selection from a wide variety of genres: thriller, comedy, animation, drama, romance, social chronicle and political fable are on the program for this 29th edition. Organized by the European Union in Morocco, the European Film Weeks will open with one of the films – events of the year, “Without Filter” by Swedish Ruben Östlund, … Read more

Excited, Geprek Bensu employees collect salaries from Jordi Onsu, younger brother of Ruben Onsu: Just sell branded goods!

Hops.ID – Bad news is hitting the brothers Ruben Onsu and Jordu Onsu this is because of conjecture salary employee Geprek Bensu Unpaid. In addition to reports of employees not getting their right to wages or payments, there are issues with HRD and marketing Geprek Bensu has also resigned. Issues regarding non-payment salary employee Geprek … Read more

Drunk, Ruben takes the E25… in the opposite direction before turning around and hitting a traffic island in Embourg!

Last Saturday, at 5:20 a.m., a driver was arrested after a rodeo on the E25. According to police findings, the man got on the highway in the opposite direction, at the exit of 18 Arcades. Along the way, he notably meets a policeman from the Liège area who was about to take up his service. … Read more