Aleksandra Wo¼niak and Maciej ¦lesicki were a couple. The breakup ruined the career of the actress

Aleksandra Wozniak she got to know a wider audience thanks to the role of policewoman Kasia in the series “13 police officein which she played alongside Cezary Pazura. The delicate blonde conquered not only the hearts of viewers, but also the director of the series, Maciej Ślesicki. History mi³o¶ci however, these two did not have … Read more

“God of War: Ragnarok” could have a scene like “Avengers: Endgame” but it ruined the expected moment | What happened to Mjolnir? | video games | PS4 | PS5 | SPORT-PLAY

One of the most anticipated games of the year has arrived on Sony consoles: “God of War: Ragnarok”. The mighty Kratos returns to action with his son Atreus, who have a difficult mission ahead of them. You can already buy the game on the PS Store for $60 on PS4 and $70 on PS5. Four … Read more

The well-known graffiti artist Banksy painted a gymnast on a ruined house in Ukraine

The artist published a photograph of the work on his page on the social media “Instagram”. The work has already earned more than 1.4 million “Like” hearts and thousands of appreciative comments. Users of the social network from Ukraine say a huge thank you to the artist for drawing the world’s attention to Ukraine and … Read more

Banksy painted a gymnast on a ruined house in a Ukrainian city

Well-known British graffiti artist Banksy in Ukraine Kijivas “Radio Brīvība” reports on Saturday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The artist published a photograph of the work on his social media page.Instagram“. Twitter users also report other graffiti works in Borodyanka, Irpen and Kyiv, created in the style of Banksy, however, they have not … Read more

After the loss of points, Mourinho was furious and shot at his own ranks again: One player ruined the whole game for us, he will have to find another club in January

Source: West Ham Eddie Howe came to Newcastle on November 8, 2021, so he has been on the bench of the famous English team for more than a year. And for the club and its loyal fans, it is a year that they will remember with joy for a long time after years of suffering. … Read more

1-Star Marshal of the Indonesian Air Force pours out his heart in front of a judge: My career was ruined because of this case

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – A High-ranking officer TNI ME admitted that his career was destroyed because of the alleged corruption case in the procurement of the Agusta Westland (AW)-101 helicopter. The high-ranking officer is the First Marshal (Marsma) A Man of Glory. As is known, corruption in the procurement of the AW-101 helicopter occurred in the … Read more

Formula 1 | How the W13 ruined Mercedes F1 and Hamilton’s optimism

Lewis Hamilton explained why the W13 was a very difficult single-seater to master. The Mercedes F1 driver compares the behavior of his car to the stampede of a horse, difficult to predict and violent when it occurs. “It’s like sneaking up behind a horse. You try to get as close as possible. What’s the breaking … Read more

Ride a roller coaster on a ruined moon in Apex Legends’ latest season

Three months after the start of the previous season, it is uploaded as usual for new content in the battle royale game Apex Legends. The new, fifteenth season is as usual full of news, including a new character, new “battle pass” and a brand new map. The latter is nicknamed Broken Moon, and is, as … Read more