Elina Rakhimova ruined Sancho’s birthday

Alexander Fedotov threw a party on the occasion of his 24th birthday, invited his mother, former members of House 2 and his friends to Polyana. The contests were fun and one of the tasks was to drink brotherhood, while the new participant Denis Kishkovich, who had previously invited Elina Rakhimova on a date and told … Read more

Shot by his wife after 1500 kilometers of chase: He has ruined my life since I was 15 – Last Minute Turkey News

Nurettin Bilge fled the scene by shooting his wife, mother of two children, Şehirban Bilge, who was walking on Atatürk Street in Sancaktepe Merve Mahallesi, which he followed. While the woman, who was injured in her legs, was taken to the hospital by ambulance, the police started work to catch the escaped suspect. Sehriban Bilge, … Read more

Dewi Yull’s life is painful, her husband has an affair, her career is ruined, her child is gone, but she still prays steadfastly: Take it all away, O Allah

Hops.ID – Old artist name Goddess Yull so fragrant in the era of the 70-90s. But who would have thought that in the 2000s the career of this woman with 3 children would fade. Life story Goddess Yull you could say it’s quite painful. In one moment she lost her husband, career and beloved child. … Read more

Lead-heavy portrait series ruined for Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold: – Most desperate

DEEP VALLEYS ON HIGH PEAKS: A real crack ruined the sprint for Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold at the height in Anterselva. Photo: VINCENZO PINTO / AFP Ingrid Landmark Tandrevolds (26) was way down after four misses in standing shooting. Marte Olsbu Røiseland (32) showed emerging form – but just didn’t get on the podium. – I … Read more

The innkeeper ruined his fighter with five mistakes on the shooting range. Boe continues to reign

Behind the clear winner, a dramatic battle unfolded for second place, which was eventually taken by Fillon Maillet, who also improved seven places compared to the sprint. The older of the Norwegian siblings, Tarjei Boe, finished third. He was ten seconds short of the Frenchman, who stood on the podium for the first time this … Read more

Danger, your weight loss is ruined because of this breakfast mistake!

Consult Hide the table of contents If some French people do not really have a weight problem, we can still see that obesity is a problem that is tending to become widespread in France and around the world! With increasingly sweet food products that are increasingly desirable, it can be difficult to avoid them… However, … Read more

Lee Kwang-soo♥ Lee Sun-bin’s words ruined the company… Controversy over perjury begins with mud fight TEN PEOPLE

Actor Lee Sun-bin was furious. When her own court perjury controversy arose, she refuted it head-on. However, the flames of the controversy show no signs of being extinguished. On the 4th, a media outlet reported that in the case where Mr. Byun, the former chairman of Wellmade Yedang, sued Mr. Seo, the former CEO of … Read more

Southwest Airlines, which ruined the American year-end, “normalize operations from the 30th” – Colorado Times

The Ministry of Transportation also faces Biden criticism… “No matter how much we apologize, it’s not enough” Southwest Airlines, which ruined the Christmas and year-end holidays in the United States due to unprecedented flight cancellations, announced on the 29th that it would almost normalize operations from the 30th (local time). Southwest issued a statement on … Read more