News Kyiv – why the air raid alarm did not work during the attack on January 14

The Russian military used S-300 and S-400 missiles for the first time during yesterday’s morning strike on the capital. The consequences of the attack on Kyiv on January 14, 2023 / photo of the State Emergency Service The Russian military during yesterday’s morning strike on Kyiv for the first time used S-300 missiles and S-400, … Read more

Feeling ‘Betrayed’, Russia Threatens This NATO Country

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The war that occurred in Ukraine has dragged a number of countries to get involved by providing their respective assistance. Russia did not remain silent. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Russia would regard Greece’s plan to provide Ukraine with an S-300 air defense system previously obtained from Moscow as an … Read more

In Ukraine in a day, what in Afghanistan in a month. The West is catching up with ammunition stocks — ČT24 — Czech Television

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, European countries drastically reduced their defense budgets, armies and arsenals. With the subsequent rise of al-Qaeda, they have focused on fighting terrorism, which requires other military investments and lighter forces, the NYT notes. Even NATO’s long engagement in Afghanistan, the paper said, bore little resemblance to the gun- … Read more

Region Tensions, Greek Missiles Are Reportedly Key to Turkish F-16 Targets

ANKARA, – Missile surface-to-air S-300 Greece lock the fighter jet target F-16 owned by Turkey conducting reconnaissance missions in international airspace. This was reported by the media Anadolu Agency managed by the Turkiye Government, as reported by Al JazeeraSunday (28/8/2022). The allegations are the latest claim by Turkiye that Greece, which is also a … Read more

The thing that made Russia fail to achieve air superiority, the S-300 has actually been destroyed – Ukraine who received military assistance from various countries made him more resilient against Russia. Slovakia also provides a system missile anti-aircraft S 300 to that country. However, not long after, the Federation Ministry of Defense Russia claim that the system missile The anti-aircraft had been destroyed. Also Read: Insist on Demanding F-16s and … Read more

Claimed to be able to beat Russia’s S-400, this is the specification of a new variant of the Iranian-made Bavar 373 air defense system – Iran become one of the activist countries that create a domestic air defense system. One of his best works is the long range air defense system Bavar 373. Based on the S-300 . missile Russiaability Bavar 373 then there is no doubt. Also Read: The Presence of the Azov Battalion as the Reason … Read more

Help Russia, Iran Deploys ‘Brother’ Missile S-300, Bavar 373 which is its best air defense system

The country is known to send defense system udara Bavar 373, missile made by Iran which was just inaugurated in 2019. This missile is one of the defense system the best air Iran has ever made. Reported from armyrecognition.comBavar 373 be defense system Iran’s newest air force has several advantages. As is well known, … Read more

In a State of War, Why Has Syria Never Deployed an S-300 Air Defense System? – Again and again, Syria dropped attack after attack coming from Israel. The last attack occurred on Saturday, April 9 last. It was reported from the SANA news agency that the attack targeted important facilities such as an ammunition depot in the Masyaf area. what Syria really can’t stand it? Please note that this … Read more

Willing to send S-300 air defense system to help Ukraine, Slovakia wants right replacement – Russia has launched a missile attack repeatedly into the region Ukraine. The last few days, Russia deploy a number of deadly sophisticated weapons. This includes the Kinzhal missile and the Bastion-P system used Russia attack armory Ukraine. Also Read: US Navy Special Forces ‘Garudas’ Sent to Germany, To Help Ukraine? Responding to missile … Read more

Keep Applying, Here is a list of Zelensky’s requests that have not been granted by the West

KYIV, – Since Russia launched its invasion into Ukraine on February 24, countries West help Ukraine by sending various aids. The aid sent by the West is very diverse, ranging from weapons assistance to humanitarian assistance. In addition, the West has also imposed sanctions on Russia repeatedly. On the other hand, Ukraine also continues … Read more