Couple Begging while Bringing Photos of their Deceased Children to Buy Sabu Pages all

PADANG, – The husband and wife couple, MN (25) and BT (28), who were desperate to beg to buy drugs turned out to bring a photo of their dead child. Her daughter who died was used as a tool to attract people’s pity. The money from begging was apparently used by a couple who … Read more

Before the “Live” Babies Sex on “Video Calls”, This Helper Consumes Sabu Page all

PADANG, – Before molesting a baby girl for 8 months, the female maid VV (19) first takes a type of methamphetamine in the bathroom. Suspect VV has confessed his actions to investigators from the Pariaman City Police, West Sumatra. “He admitted that he used methamphetamine before committing his lecherous act. One day before, he … Read more

Catherine Wilson Declared Positive Sabu!

e-Flash Catherine Wilson entangled in drug cases. Based on the results of the inspection. He tested positive for methamphetamine, aka methamphetamine. 21,228 Views Friday, 17 July 2020 20:19 WIB Embed Video ” disabled=’disabled’> Yogi Ernes / M. Ramdoni – 20DETIK .