The most brutal killer in the USA: He sadistically tortured the victims, focusing mainly on the genitals

It seemed like a routine event. Just another drunk behind the wheel. But police officers Michael Howard and Michael Sterling handcuffed that night to a man who was guilty of much more terrifying acts than driving under the influence. To a serial killer who killed so cruelly that he is still spoken of as the … Read more

Sadistically, Henry the Butcher, Sukoharjo: Bloodstained Hands Kill One Family, Still Have Time to Drink

Report from Journalist, Ryantono Puji Santoso TRIBUNSOLO.COM, SUKOHARJO – A family murder tragedy in Baki Sukoharjo, leaving a number of facts that show how sadistic a human being named Henry Taryatmo (41) is. From the reconstruction that was held on Thursday (27/8/2020), the police revealed that the perpetrator did not look sorry after the … Read more