The search for the missing young man ended sadly: the body of the disaster was found in the process of decay

The police department reported that a young man had been wanted since 26 November 2021 Alytus County Chief Police Commissariat as disappeared without knowledge. A pre-trial investigation has been launched to determine the cause of death. It is strictly forbidden to use the information published by DELFI on other websites, in the media or elsewhere, … Read more

Princess Sadly, Madly: Did her sister-in-law Caroline kick her out of the palace?

This is the sister of Prince Albert II. (65) According to the daily Bild, she dragged her sister-in-law, Princess Charlene (44), out of the palace, in the desire to become the unofficial first lady of Monaco. According to the French magazine Voici, Charlene signed a secret agreement with her wife, under which she receives 300 … Read more

West Bandung man slits young mother sadly because her marriage invitation was rejected

West Bandung – The man with the initial M in Jayamekar Village, Padalarang, Kabupaten Bandung West, West Java, had the heart to slit the death of a woman named Wiwin (30) for allegedly refusing an invitation to marry. Besides, the two are neighbors. Reported by detikJabar, Monday (9/5/2022), the bloody tragedy occurred on Sunday (8/5/2022) … Read more

In front of the new owner – Chelsea’s victory is sadly released | Sports

Foreign media reported on Saturday that the Chelsea club had been officially acquired by a consortium led by U.S. billionaire Todd Boehly, who had raised $ 4.25 billion for the London team. pounds sterling. Boehly is also one of the owners of the famous Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club, which watched the performance of his … Read more

Medvedev threatens Germany: such decisions end sadly

„Bundestag ace supported the supply of heavy weapons to the Zelensky regime. The laurels of their predecessors, who sat in the so-called German parliament in the last century, do not seem to be reassured by the German legislature. Such decisions end sadly, “Medvedev wrote. As previously reported, the German Bundestag adopted a document on Thursday … Read more

3 Months of Marriage, 61 -Year -Old Artist Sadly Divorced by Her Husband, Her Morals Called Bad: I’m Not a Good Person

TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – The age of marriage has only been three months, this senior artist has been divorced by her husband. Not only divorced, this artist also received bad accusations from his ex-husband. How not, this artist’s ex-husband called his wife’s morals during marriage very bad. Got these bad accusations, the artist also spoke up. The … Read more

Sadly, Ton Nara died of heart failure. After contracting COVID-19

The famous page informs the sad news of ‘Ton Nara’, an artist for life. The owner of the famous song “Dek Dok Fa” has a heart failure, dies after contracting Covid-19 On March 27th, the Facebook fan page ‘musical train‘ A post has been issued informing the news of the departure of ‘Nara tree‘ Artist … Read more

Sadly, this famous Egyptian artist left a very strange will and his daughter married a friend of his age and shocked him! .. you won’t believe who it is!

2022/02/27 It’s 05:20 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite He was distinguished by an amazing lightness and charisma of a special kind that made him an icon of the success of any work he participated in. He was able to find himself a high position in the art world during her acting career, and distinguished … Read more

Sadly, the famous singer, Bass Veer Patcharayakorn, suddenly passed away. Music fans mourn

After late yesterday (18 Feb. 65) the Facebook page of “Best Wee Patcharayakorn” Actor, presenter, and famous young singer posted the bad news that “Bes Weir Patcharayakorn has died” The fans who heard the news were very shocked. Later today (February 19, 2022), reporters reported that at the pavilion of Wat Bot, Yan Sue Subdistrict, … Read more

Beijing Winter Olympics | Takanashi Sara Li sadly prepares for the World Cup, the head of the team said to take care of the players’ emotions before discussing the appeal (21:26) – 20220213 – Sports – Instant News

Takanashi Sara won a high score in the ski jumping mixed team competition last week, but was disqualified because the tights were two centimeters loose, so the Japanese team could only graduate in 4th place, and 4 other players in the same field were DQ for the same reason. , causing controversy in the ski … Read more