50 thousand euros: is that enough to buy a safe and comfortable electric car? – ALWAYS

If we look at cars, the price of which starts from 50 thousand. We would see that the model with an internal combustion engine can be chosen from the offer of premium manufacturers, and if you want to buy an electric car for the same amount, you will have to travel to the salons offering … Read more

No longer afraid to charge your smartphone on a motorbike, this is what you must pay attention to so that the battery is anti overdraw and is safe

Randy Automotive The position of the Honda All New BEAT power outlet is hidden behind a closed drawer Otomania.com – Not afraid anymore charging smartphone on motorbikethis must be considered so that it is safe and the battery does not run out. The new motors that are released are generally equipped with the following features: … Read more

Which places are safe? When Tatiana escaped from the bombs, the Russians attacked again.

DERHACHI, UKRAINE (Aftenposten): The battle for Kharkiv is over. But out in the suburbs, bloody battles continue. May 22, 2022 10:16 Last updated today at 11:10 Newsletter Get the overview with our newsletter about Ukraine sign me in The risk is small, but never zero, because you are in three houses that will be destroyed … Read more

“He quickly became the mascot of the barracks” (photos)

Published on 21/05 at 12:56 Par Laura Salamon The firefighters of the 2/1 platoon of the Liège rescue zone collected a puppy in danger a few days ago. An animal that quickly became their mascot before finally joining the big family of Liège firefighters. ******** * **** *** ******** ** ****** *** ***** ******** ** … Read more

SAFE! Wave 29 Pre-Employment Card Recipients Officially Announced, Here’s How To Join The Training

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Selection results Wave 29 . Pre-Employment Card announced today, Friday (20/5/2022). This was announced through the Instagram account @prakerja.go.id. “CONGRATULATIONS! Those who have received SMS, comment “ME!”” write the post. Read also: What is the Notification if Passing the Pre-Employment Card? Check the Pre-Employment Card Dashboard or Via SMS Can Participants Passing the … Read more

Ketogenic diet: how to make it safe and effective with the help of the nutritionist

The ketogenic diet promises to make you lose weight quickly and over the years this has attracted criticism and compliments. The ketogenic diet is very low in carbohydrates and with an important share of healthy fats induces ketosis, a physiological mechanism that allows the use of fats as primary fuel, losing weight. According to American … Read more

Modern, safe and effective covid vaccine for children: study

The Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccine against covid-19 proved to be safe and effective in children from 6 to 11 years of age, according to The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), so it could be the candidate to immunize to the minors of Mexico. The company Asofarma México will announce this Tuesday an announcement about the … Read more

NOS launches safe navigation service for €0.99/month

The area of ​​cybersecurity has gained enormous importance due to all the attacks that have happened to companies installed in our country, but also a little because of what is happening on a global scale. In this sense, companies have also created solutions aimed at user safety. NOS announced today the first service on the … Read more

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1663. Iza’s nightmare. He doesn’t feel safe after breaking in

Iza does not feel safe in her home after Rudnicki broke into them. The police, however, turn out to be helpless. So Marcin decides to find the thief. Chodakowski sets an ambush for the man. Olek returns to Poland. The doctor is to perform another operation at the clinic and has a nice surprise for … Read more

Road along shaky lighthouse Den Helder still open: safe up to wind force 9 | NOW

The area around the lighthouse ‘Lange Jaap’ in Den Helder is still safe. Rijkswaterstaat has decided to open the road along the shaky structure, as long as the wind force does not exceed 8. As soon as a storm arises, the municipality and Rijkswaterstaat will have to take action. The Kijkduin lighthouse, popularly known as … Read more