This Type of Yogurt is Safe and Good for Diabetics

PRFMNEWS – Yogurt is one of the most recognized dairy products, available in various types and flavors sold in the market. In addition, yogurt can also be a source of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and protein bacteria good healthy. However, yogurt can also be filled with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you suffer diabetesit is … Read more

Will of Elizabeth II. will remain a secret for 90 years. Charles III inherit the swans

Charles III and his closest team? The king relies on his family, but he also plans dismissals And with the exception of the obvious, that is, real estate and works that do not belong personally to members of the royal family as private individuals, and which now pass to the new King Charles III. (e.g. … Read more

“Communication is crucial for safe medication use”

Raphael Van Eemeren is responsible for the pharmaceutical company Amgen’s work with the safety of its products. He believes that healthcare is not always aware of the link between medication errors and the safety profile of a drug. When a medication error has occurred, all parties involved must contribute information and assessments about how it … Read more

As shareholders’ wealth lost value, the dollar remained the only safe haven

A surging dollar is now the only possible hedge against what is shaping up to be the biggest destruction of shareholder value since the global financial crisis. With global stocks already losing $23 trillion this year, the US currency’s inverse correlation with risk assets makes it the only option until at least 2022. end, according … Read more

How to add active IG followers without an application, safe and free

PURBALINGGAKU – Social media has played an important role in the business world, so many people are trying to increase their income followers IG active. Instagram very helpful in reaching new customers, disseminating information about the business, marketing products, and branding. With a note if you add followers IG active. Many users Instagram either personal … Read more

Without Sugar, Here Are 5 Natural Sweeteners that are Good and Safe for Diabetics – Eating foods with high sugar intake is not good for health. Especially the patient diabetesof course reducing or even limiting the use of sugar in the various foods they consume. Well, for those of you who want to still feel the sweet taste without using sugar, there are natural sweeteners that you can … Read more

5 Tips to Have Safe Sex Without Condoms For Mothers Who Don’t Want To Get Pregnant

Many married couples (couple) are not comfortable using contraceptives such as condoms even though they don’t want to get pregnant. Therefore, you and your husband must know how to have safe sex without a condom. Indeed, condoms are not the only reliable contraceptive. But, indeed using other types of contraception such as birth control pills … Read more

Oral antibiotics safe and effective alternative in newborns

Switching to oral antibiotics is safe and effective in newborns with a possible infection. This is apparent from research published by Fleur Keij (Erasmus MC) and colleagues in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health. The researchers included 504 newborns in seventeen Dutch hospitals for a randomized study. They all received a seven-day course of antibiotics. … Read more

Afraid to Have Sex While Pregnant? Check out 7 Safe Rules so As Not to Harm the Fetus

Jakarta – The safety of having sex while pregnant often intrigues new parents-to-be. Many couples are worried about the condition of the fetus during sex, Mother. Then actually can pregnant women or pregnant women have sex? The answer is yes! Pregnant women may have sex, as long as there are no problems with the pregnancy … Read more

NASA’s CASTONE Moonbound probe stuck in safe mode

Artist’s depiction of CAPSTONE.picture: NASA NASA’s CAPSTONE probe is close to completing its four-month voyage to the Moon, where it will test its unique halo-shaped orbit in preparation for a future space station. However, last weekend When the probe performs a trajectory correction maneuver, the CAPSTONE enters a safe mode from which it has not … Read more