The safest me in the world. And it’s not a dollar, to Goldman Sachs

In these volatile and uncertain times, we believe that it is the most safe in the world Japanese only. Zach Pandl of Goldman Sachs told Bloomberg. Dollar This position is not available now, because the demand in american economywhat exactly is what he wants to achieve Fed. Cooled down americkho economy is thus the main … Read more

What are the safest parts of Mars from cosmic radiation?

Thank you for reading news about technology: What are the safest parts of Mars from cosmic radiation? And now with the details of the news Cairo – Samia Sayed – The prospect of sending astronauts on a 6- to 9-month journey to Mars presents many challenges, not to mention the risks they will face while … Read more

Treasury Selic: safest investment is now the most profitable in the Treasury – 04/29/2022

The perfect time has come to invest in the Selic Treasury. This has always been the safest investment in Brazil, but now, in addition to all the security, it is also the one with the highest profitability there at Treasury Direct. In this article, I will translate this golden opportunity to make this investment, as … Read more

This is the ranking of the safest cars most requested by Argentines

The Toyota Hilux is the most demanded vehicle with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System in English and anti-lock braking system in Spanish) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program in English and stability control system in Spanish) the argentinesboth for 0km cars and for used ones. It should be remembered that from January 1, 2022, the inclusion of … Read more

Ukraine’s safest city becomes new target for Russian attack

loading… Black smoke is seen rising into the sky after Russia launched an attack on the Ukrainian city of Lviv. Photo/CNN LVIV – Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine many people dubbed Lviv in the west of the country as a “safe city”, thus the first air raid Russia within the city limits had … Read more

This is the Safest Country in the event of World War 3

Jakarta – The shadows happen World War 3 emerged because of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. A number of countries are claimed to be safe for shelter. Reported from CNBCFriday (11/3/2022) tensions between Russia and Ukraine involving the United States (US), Europe, and NATO are currently believed to be able to trigger World War 3. Compiled … Read more

IIHS 2022: These are the 65 safest cars. They are ruled by Koreans – Counseling – Auto

The IIHS Road Safety Insurance Institute has published a list of the safest cars from last year’s crash tests. Top models Pick + achieved 65 models, which is the most in history. The conditions will therefore be tightened again. Photo: IIHS IIHS – Mercedes-Benz C IIHS really doesn’t lubricate new cars. Compared to the European … Read more

The most traumatic vehicle for children – “apple”, the safest – classic sleds / Article

When traveling with your child to enjoy the joys of winter, it is important not only the location of the mountain, but also the sleds you have chosen. The range of sleds offered to lovers of winter fun is so wide that it can be confusing to choose the right ones. But the exact health … Read more

Velvet – Life – Here are the 20 safest airlines in the world

Every year, it publishes the ranking of the safest airlines in the world A new first place was inaugurated this year, and low-cost companies were judged separately. The Hungarian-owned discount airline is also on the latter list. Ranking is done based on different criteria. They look at, among other things, the average age of … Read more