FilGoal | News | Immortal sayings of Salih Salim: They will say about me, Zamalkawi .. I have nothing worthy of it without Al-Ahly

His positions and statements remain present in the minds of all Egyptian football fans in general, and Al-Ahly fans in particular. The maestro was a character who rarely existed or repeated. Like his strength and personality, his famous sayings came to remain immortal in everyone’s minds. On the occasion of his death, Reprinting a … Read more

Ibn Hisham Salim: I hesitated 18 times and cried before informing my father of the decision to have sexual transitions (video)

For suggestions of places to go out Nour, the son of the artist Hisham Selim, revealed the scenes of admitting his father for his urgent desire for sexual transformation, from “Noura”, the 18-year-old girl, to the young “Nour”, explaining that he hesitated dozens of times before knocking on his father’s room to tell him the … Read more

FilGoal | News | Tired: Al-Badri predicted my brilliance and told Saleh Salim about this .. and Jose advised me to leave the ball and play golf

Emad Miteb, the star of Al-Ahly and the former national team of Egypt, revealed that Hosam Al-Badri, the current technical director of the Pharaohs, expected his brilliance when he was still among the ranks of the juniors in the Red Castle. “Al-Badri was the first to predict my brilliance when I was 16 and he … Read more

FilGoal | News | Dialogue in the Joule

A rocket launch. Muhammad Abbas, the Englishman, was named for his brilliance against Southampton in 1979 by scoring a beautiful goal and a soccer ball that collided with the crossbar, which the crowd lifted to the sky, it seemed that he might be the successor of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, however. Read – Sad spherical stories – … Read more

On the anniversary of the birth of Lawrence of Arabia … witness Omar Sharif admits the reasons for encouraging Al Ahly

Today, Friday, is the birthday of the late artist Omar Sharif, “Lawrence of Arabia”, who was loved by millions and became the dream boy of girls. He became famous for his talent and films until he reached the world, and the world honored him in international festivals. The late international artist Omar Sharif, when they … Read more

Saleh Selim’s reaction when he discovered that his son smokes cigarettes at the age of 1

3:58 PM Tuesday 07 April 2020 I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi: Artist Hisham Selim narrated a situation with his late father, Salim Selim, when he discovered that he was smoking cigarettes at a young age. “Salim” said, during his presence on the “Sahranin” program, presented by the artist Amir Karara, that he started smoking cigarettes … Read more