The United States on the verge of 6 million cases of coronavirus, a quarter of the infections worldwide | Univision Salud News

The United States reached this Sunday the number of 5,997,050 confirmed cases of covid-19 and 186,405 deaths, according to the independent count of Johns Hopkins University. The almost 6 million infections in the US represent a quarter of the more than 25 million cases registered in the world. New York is no longer the state … Read more

End of the quarantine in Colombia: achievements for the health system – Salud

Tomorrow, after 159 days, the country ends the mandatory isolation that began on March 25. During this time, it went through different stages, from the general restriction of mobility to progressive flexibilisations to allow the reactivation of the economy. And although many said that these five months were one of the longest quarantines in the … Read more

FDA May Consider Emergency Vaccine Use Before Completing Phase 3 Testing | Univision Salud News

In an interview with the newspaper Financial Times, Stephen Hahn, commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said the agency could consider authorizing or approving the emergency use of a Covid-19 vaccine before they are completed. Phase 3 trials. “It is up to the sponsor (developer of the vaccine) to request authorization or … Read more

Seremi de Salud de Magallanes criticizes sayings of Paris and resigns from his position

The Minister of Health of Magallanes, Mariela Rojas, resigned after this morning, the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, referred to the complicated situation in the region, demanding greater coordination from the authorities in the area . “Magallanes was the region that achieved the best indices at some point and today it has the worst figures … Read more

The World Health Organization expects the coronavirus pandemic to last “less than two years” | Univision Salud News

The Peruvian government launched this Thursday house-to-house medical operations in vulnerable neighborhoods of Lima and in provincial territories, in search of containing an acceleration of the coronavirus pandemic. Emergency medical teams, accompanied by the military and police, visited more than 800 precarious homes in the Perales neighborhood, at the foot of a desert hill located … Read more

Canada will grant asylum to applicants who fought COVID; NY Reports Lowest Hospitalization Rate in 5 Months | Univision Salud News

Canada is going to regularize the legal status of asylum seekers who helped treat COVID-19 patients at the worst moment of the coronavirus pandemic, the Immigration Minister announced on Friday, according to the AFP agency. The measure will benefit those who directly contributed to the care of the sick in a health facility, a nursing … Read more

Interview with the Minister of Health on deaths from covid-19 in Colombia – Salud

On Friday, the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) presented the report on deaths from covid that occurred between March 2 and July 19. The document revealed that the deaths from this cause in that period were 9,124, a figure higher than the 7,956 registered by the National Institute of Health that day. The Minister … Read more

Seremi de Salud quarantined the Curicó Unido campus

He Maule Regional Health Service ordered that the Curicó Unido campus enter a preventive quarantine because a member of the campus tested positive for coronavirus, reason why they also suspended a friendly match this weekend. From Seremi they called 14 players, to carry out the corresponding tests and thus rule out more cases on the … Read more

Seremi de Salud issues a millionaire fine to a producer of Martín Cárcamo for Dancing for a Dream | TV and Show

On May 25, the Seremi de Salud de la Región Metropolitana started a health summary on Channel 13 for the program Dancing for a Dream, which was being recorded in the middle of the mandatory quarantine in the capital. The objective was to determine if the hygiene and safety standards were met to prevent covid-19, … Read more

Equivoca Salud treatment to patients Covid: Javier García

Chihuahua, Chih.- Due to the number of daily infections that occur in the State as a result of the Covid-19, as well as the level of fatality, Chihuahua should be at a red light with the necessary restrictions to reduce levels of mobility in the population and This way to reduce viral transmission, this was … Read more