Germany: Ist.Koch, now we need a massive reduction in contacts – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BERLIN, NOV 26 – “We need a massive reduction in contacts, and this now”. This was stated by the president of the Robert Koch Institut, Lothar Wieler, at a press conference with the German health minister Jens Spahn. (HANDLE). REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright ANSA <![CDATA[]]> Get the embed code <![CDATA[]]> .

Third dose of vaccine, Sunday 28 open day at Grotticella

Coronavirus – For over 40s who have closed their first cycle for at least 150 days Viterbo – Coronavirus, Sunday 28 November vaccination open day for the third dose for over 40s in the center of Santa Maria della Grotticella in Viterbo. The ASL explain this, recalling that citizens who have exceeded 150 days from … Read more

Sleep, drinking a glass of water helps you sleep better

For many people, having a hard time getting the right number of hours a night is a bugbear that can spoil sleep. Emotional tension, slow digestion, chasing thoughts can in fact facilitate nocturnal awakening, as well as making it more difficult to close the eyelids. But there are aspects that we sometimes forget, to promote … Read more

One dead and twenty-one new positives

Coronavirus – The ASL bulletin – Five people healed today in Tuscia Coronavirus Emergency – Intensive Care Viterbo – Twenty-one confirmed cases of Covid-19 positivity were communicated, by 11 am, by the Molecular Genetics section of Belcolle to the Coronavirus Operating Team of the ASL of Viterbo. “The latest positive reports – the ASL writes … Read more

Feast of the Madonna della Salute: the votive bridge is open

The votive bridge over the Grand Canal was opened on the occasion of the celebrations of the Feast of the Madonna della Salute. The pilgrimage is therefore possible again, after last year’s blockade due to the pandemic, on the traditional votive bridge set up at the height of the ferry between Santa Maria del Giglio … Read more

“I will appeal, I can still exercise”

Expelled from the Order of Doctors: Dr. Riccardo Szumski received notification of the provision announced yesterday on Tuesday, November 16. «The email has arrived – explains the mayor of Santa Lucia di Piave to our microphones – But the reasons have not yet been communicated to me. As soon as I receive them they are … Read more

Cancer, a vocabulary for managing the emotional burden of those who struggle

Each word has a weight. It must be explained, clarified, brought in the best way by the doctor and by those who take care of a person who deals with the challenge with cancer. Behind every term, from diagnosis to prognosis, from therapy to metastasis, there are realities, stories, sensitivities that must be known, respected, … Read more

“In the last 24 hours, 8 out of 12 deaths were unvaccinated”

Covid – The regional councilor for Health D’Amato on the deaths ascertained in Lazio: “No joking with the virus, the third dose for the over 60s is very important” Roma – We receive and publish – You don’t mess with the virus. Yesterday a death in Rieti of an unvaccinated 55-year-old man, today there are … Read more

After Josh Cavallo’s coming out, football stars salute his courage

Twitter @JoshuaCavalloOn Wednesday October 27, the Australian football player made his gay coming out on social networks. LGBT + – A wave of support. Since he came out gay on social networks, this Wednesday, October 27, the Australian football player Josh Cavallo explained that he was “overwhelmed and happy” with the responses he received. Starting … Read more