Influenza, it’s booming: already 16,000 cases. Children are most affected

Classes decimated, between kindergartens and elementary schools. Absences in the workplace. Runny noses, fever rising; in more serious cases, even respiratory problems. The cold has arrived and the viruses have unleashed, especially among the little ones. The confirmation is also in the latest bulletin of “InfluNews”, the epidemiological surveillance network of the Region: in the … Read more

‘Health is built as a child’, the Iss campaign is underway

The initiative aims to promote healthy lifestyles, through the analysis of nine issues related to the everyday life of children, with indications on nutrition and physical activity, and suggestions on how to improve and set up correct habits Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date It kicks off on Wednesday November 23rd campagna … Read more

Jessica, chemotherapy, the birth of Alexander and the pain of a young life cut short

We called her the “warrior of life”. But this time Jessica Poncia didn’t make it. And a year after when, despite chemotherapy, she had given birth to a beautiful baby named Alexander and it seemed that even for her the worst of her was behind her, the bad disease returned to undermine her and left … Read more

This simple exercise can help you boost your metabolism, burn fat, and lower your blood sugar even while sitting

You’ll be surprised to find how simple exercise can promote the burning of glucose and fat to fuel your metabolism for several hours while sitting. Confirmation of a study Do they really love us? Do you think you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Although it is widely known that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your … Read more

Why it is essential to vaccinate children for pneumococcus

It’s called Streptococcus pneumoniae. It is a bacterium which, in spite of its name, can help prevent not only pulmonary infections, but also acute otitis media and above all invasive pathologies which can lead to very serious cases, such as meningitis. Recently in Europe the green light was given to a version that protects against … Read more

“Body transported wrapped in a sheet and rubbish scattered everywhere outside the hospital”

Civita Castellana – Filippo Mario Perazzoni (Italian nurses union Nursing Up) writes to Nas and the labor inspectorate Civita Castellana – Transportation of the body to the hospital in Civita Castellana and improper disposal of hospital waste, Filippo Mario Perazzoni of the Italian nurses’ union Nursing Up writes to Nas, the labor inspectorate and to … Read more

“And if we continue with enlarged countries, salute the most unsuccessful”: Uruguay joins the mockery of South America against Chile days after the World Cup

Less than a week after its start, the planet beats the World Cup. Chile, which failed in the last attempt to reach Qatar, through the challenge of the participation of Byron Castilloyou will have to experience it as a mere neutral spectator, although for some La Roja continues in the subconscious, even if it is … Read more

How much do tumors of the digestive system affect and how they present themselves

If we think of the belly, it is difficult for us to think of all the organs that are inside the abdomen. And even less is it reflected on the fact that each of these organs, albeit with different frequency, can become site of a tumor. Remaining only the most common forms, it must be … Read more

Malore, Angelo Bonomelli died: he was the owner of Villa Ortensie

He fell ill on Monday evening while driving his car and stopped in a parking lot in the industrial area of ​​Entratico, near a cycle and pedestrian path. Perhaps he believed it was a passing illness but unfortunately it was fatal and he was unable to ask for help for help. He was found lifeless … Read more

Influenza vaccine: when to do it and why

The flu virus continues to circulate and the first signs coming from Australia are quite worrying. Influenza vaccination is a key preventative measure. To follow the daily health pill “The flu shot”, click and listen here Influenza vaccine, to whom it is recommended The flu shot it’s for everyonebut in particular for subjects who are … Read more