In Mexico, a woman died who was knelt by a policewoman. Footage of the incident outraged the public – ČT24 – Czech Television

The victim of the police intervention was 36-year-old Victoria Salazar, who was subjected to “brutal treatment and murder,” Obrador said. Police detained the woman over the weekend in the seaside town of Tulum on the Caribbean coast. The footage shows Salazar lying on her stomach with her hands tied next to a police car, screaming … Read more

Case murdered IKON journalists after 39 years in court in El Salvador

In El Salvador, the judicial authorities have brought the case about the murder of four Dutch journalists to court after 39 years. The lawyers of the next of kin announced this today. IKON journalists Koos Koster, Jan Kuiper, Joop Willemsen and Hans ter Laag were in El Salvador in 1982 for a report on the … Read more

Here’s why Jean-Marie Périer no longer wants to hear from his biological father, Henri Salvador

Jean-Marie Périer no longer wants to hear from his biological father, Henri Salvador. Jordan De Luxe nevertheless tried to evoke the complicated relationship between the photographer and the singer. “No, but hey, there I have nothing more to say about it (…) I am no longer talking about this guy because he behaved badly with … Read more

Microsoft Dynamics 365 drives digital transformation at Lili Pink and Totto in Guatemala and El Salvador

By The Guatemalan company Tendencia, SA and the Salvadoran company Impulso, SA de CV, centralized their Totto and Lili Pink operations in both countries. They made their operations more technical with the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to adapt to the needs of electronic commerce and advance their digital transformation. Visit the … Read more

El Salvador seeks loan with the IMF

Nayib Bukele already has control of Congress. El Salvador is seeking an economic agreement with the International Monetary Fund for up to 1,400 million dollars, as confirmed yesterday by the head of the Ministry of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya. President Nayib Bukele will have 56 members of Congress in Congress, that is, a qualified majority with … Read more

The absolute control of El Salvador: Bukele’s final litmus test before the world | International

After the parliamentary elections in The Savior an overwhelming victory looms for Nayib Bukele. But precisely that will be his litmus test before the international community, they analyze from Deutsche Welle. The president of El Salvador, Najib Bukele, he was the first to announce his victory on Twitter, long before even 10% of the vote … Read more

New Ideas leads in election for deputies in El Salvador | News

The New Ideas party of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, in coalition with the Gana collective, maintains a wide advantage in the official preliminary count of the votes cast this Sunday in the elections to renew the National Assembly (unicameral parliament). ALSO READ: TSE announces 51 percent electoral participation The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) reported that … Read more

How much sleep and what habits does Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, have? | News from El Salvador

He is one of the richest and busiest people in the world, it is logical with so many companies in his charge, but he always has time to rest, read and exercise. Elon Musk has created a number of innovative companies, some of them are: Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company. He is one of … Read more

Prosecutor’s Office and Court of Accounts must investigate the distribution of packages in Mexico, deputies say | News from El Salvador

Legislators agree that the packages are bought with money from loans that “all Salvadorans will pay.” So an in-depth investigation is necessary to find out who gave the order. After knowing the delivery in Mexico of more than 1,500 food packages from the Government of El Salvador, information revealed in a publication of El Faro, … Read more

Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and El Salvador will be the first countries to receive COVAX vaccines | WORLD

Bolivian President Luis Arce said on Saturday that the country reached an agreement to receive around 1 million COVID-19 vaccines in February through the COVAX program, backed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Gavi alliance. The COVAX program aims to deliver 1.3 billion doses of approved vaccines to 92 eligible low- and middle-income … Read more