Johanna San Miguel flatters Stefano Salvini for the best actor award and he launches: “I love you, my sweet pussy” show business | SHOWS

IN LOVE? Stephen Salvini He has been recognized as best actor for the role he played in the series ‘Voice’ and has been his ex-partner Johanna San Miguel who did not hesitate to praise him, highlighting his talent for the artistic world. However, a comment from the young artist surprised him on his social networks. … Read more

Stefano Salvini throws a daring phrase at his ex-partner Johanna San Miguel: “Then I’ll shoot you” | Instagram | show business | SHOWS

the journalist Kathy Sheen highlighted, through their social networks, the recent meeting that they staged Johanna San Miguel and his ex, Stephen Salvini, last weekend. The former television reporter broadcast the moment in which the model threw herself into the pool and the ‘chata’ asked her to do it again. MIRA: The best and worst … Read more

“Immigration can only be resolved at the European level”. Piantedosi and Tajani disavow the Salvini method

There is no need for tug-of-war with a few NGO ships, we need “a strong common initiative that passes through agreements with third countries”, says the Viminale. “The Ocean Viking crisis? No consequences in the relationship with Paris”. The Foreign Minister confirms: “Quickly finding new rules, to combine hospitality and defense of the borders” The … Read more

Minister Salvini in Venice to inaugurate the barriers to defend the Basilica

On Saturday, the Minister for Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, was in Venice to visit the lagoon defense works. In Piazza San Marco, Salvini officially inaugurated the barriers to protect the Basilica, which have already been in operation for a few weeks. «Seeing the Basilica saved by the mini barriers is a great emotion – commented the … Read more

Bridge on the Strait: Salvini, technically it is not simple the first act is to resettle society – Economy

Build the Bridge over the Strait “technically it won’t be easy, the project needs to be updated. The CDM that approves the budget law will probably be on Monday. The first formal and concrete act that reopens the way is reinstate the Strait of Messina company which has been in liquidation for 9 years and … Read more

Save soldier Piantedosi from the Salvini method

The Interior Minister’s report is the perfect manifesto of the impotence of the Meloni government. Europe and migrants. Because Conte 1’s immigration model brings more confusion, less humanity, more disgrace and more illegality The reading of thirty-six thousand characters of the information delivered yesterday morning to the Chambers by the Minister of the Interior Matteo … Read more

Migrants, Salvini: ‘They must be cut off, they are organized trips’ – Chronicle

“In the provision which tells the ship’s captain to leave the port of Catania with the 35 remaining migrants on board, there is no deadline, no time limit”. This was underlined by circles close to the Humanity 1 lawyers, also in relation to the timing of the presentation of appeals to the TAR and to … Read more

The turn of Meloni on the drills, when he said: “They are a help to the lobbies”. Salvini also voted against, then changed his mind

There was a time when for Giorgia Melons the drilling in the Adriatic Sea they were “a help to some large lobby“And would have contributed” topollution of our sea “. Now he is at the helm of the government and must face the crisis energyinstead, the drills become the key to “expanding the sources of … Read more

San Siro, the government breaks into the stadium issue. Sgarbi: “It should not be shot down”. Salvini: “Immediately yes to the new”. And Sala writes to Meloni

The first fuss is raised by the new Undersecretary for Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi: “Il Meazza do not touch”. A straight leg entry on the project of a new stadio a San Sirorelaunched shortly after also by Silvio Berlusconi. Then comes the intervention of another member of the government, the minister Matteo Salvini: “The Municipality has … Read more

Salvini: priority to the Bridge over the Strait, roads and railways in the project

Not only the connection of Sicily to the rest of Italy and to Europe. The project for the construction of the Messina Strait Bridge includes a network of 40 kilometers of road and rail links on both sides, intended to enhance the territories and economic development of Sicily and Calabria. Also to discuss this, the … Read more