Maneuver: Salvini, I will ask Draghi to talk about green nuclear power – Politics

“Official request from the Draghi League delegation on Tuesday: billions are needed, immediately, to block the increases in electricity and gas bills, the rest can wait. It is unthinkable to give 9 billion to too many smart and tax evaders with Citizenship Income, we help families and businesses that pay double for electricity and gas. … Read more

The nerve uncovered about legal cannabis in the government, Orlando: “We do as in Germany.” Muro by Gelmini and Salvini

The drug debate splits the government. On the one hand there is the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando which from Genoa opens to the legalization of cannabis, also supported by the Minister for Youth Policies Fabiana Dadone, always in favor; on the other, the Minister for Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini who, together with the leader … Read more

In the budget law Salvini also wants to put nuclear power: “We are surrounded by power plants, why don’t we do something like France?”

“Compared to a wind turbine that disfigures the landscape, I prefer a nuclear power plant”. Matteo Salvini announced, at a press conference in the House to present the proposals to the League Budget Law, that the Northern League intends to insert the nuclear power in the economic maneuver. “We are surrounded by power plants, why … Read more

The bishops are also on the field to challenge Bolsonaro (and attack Salvini)

The tour in Italy of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues, amid controversy. In the aftermath of the criticism for the honorary citizenship attributed by the mayor of Anguillara veneta, close to the Lega, and the clashes that took place in Padua, in front of the Basilica of Sant’Antonio, yesterday in Pistoia new protests. And this … Read more

“Draghi al Colle? If he wants to go I would vote for him tomorrow morning”: Salvini also agrees. “Then I don’t think there would be early elections”

The election of Mario Draghi a Quirinale arrogant again to be topical. After the move of Giuseppe Conte, which opened to the removal of the premier from Palazzo Chigi to the Quirinale, in fact, the declarations of Matteo Salvini. “If they ask me if Draghi would be a good one President of the Republic, I … Read more

The Senate broke down the Zan bill and the principal is Renzi. Italy alive makes an axis with the center-right, Salvini and Boschi united against “the arrogance of the Pd and M5s”

The ddl Zan was definitively buried: the law against homotransphobia, barring miracles and twists, it will not be approved even in this legislature. L’Italy will not see hate crimes extended to discrimination based on sex, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. And it will not see it despite a very solid majority vote at the … Read more

Meloni and Salvini, two allies too similar not to be rivals. Story of an endless quarrel (behind the hugs) –

from Tommaso Labate The competition for the leadership of the center-right coalition between the two leaders who humanly hardly ever endured each other “But did he really say that?” Does he say to me that I am the radical right? But in Europe he is with Le Pen! ». Hard to believe today, while the … Read more

Salvini, off the air is better | Massimo Gramellini

In the courtyard of politics, increasingly deserted by voters, we discuss the two audios of Matteo Salvini collected from Sheet during a closed-door meeting of Northern League parliamentarians. The real surprise is that, net of a few bad words, which are also commonly used, the stolen Salvini is much less speckish than the one who … Read more