Salzburg Festival honored Tobias Moretti from «kleinezeitung.at

After his last performance as "Jedermann", Tobias Moretti was bid farewell to Domplatz with the festival pin with ruby.

Liverpool, Red Bull Salzburg | Rhian Brewster saved Liverpool from loss

Salzburg went up in an early 2-0 lead, before Brewster both reduced and equalized for Liverpool. Halfway through the second half, Van Dijk...

Salzburg bring forward Schofield from Black Wings Linz

18. August 2020 © APA / APA (Archiv) / GERT EGGENBERGER

New edition of “Jedermann” in Salzburg: Last questions

Since 1920 the call "Jeedermaaann" has been heard every year at Salzburg Cathedral Square. For the theater director Bettina Hering, the...

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