Charleroi: on the banks of the Sambre, non-assistance to a fisherman in danger

Saturday, at the end of the day, two teenagers aged 13 and 14 take advantage of the opening of fishing along the towpath, near rue de la Victoire, in Roux. They have cast their line and are waiting when, suddenly, the youngest tries to retrieve a small object that has slipped from his hands. But … Read more

Jemeppe: they throw themselves into the Sambre to sow the police

A large police force was deployed by the Entre Sambre et Meuse area and the Jemeppe police area late Thursday afternoon. For a reason that has not been communicated to us, the police were pursuing two individuals in a vehicle from Floreffe. The driver passed by Franière, Soye before passing by the rue de la … Read more

How to get the truck out of the Sambre in Sars-la-Buissière? A series of problems prevent it from being moved

A truck has been lying in the Sambre at Sars-la-Buissière for 3 days. Impossible to remove it. Technical teams face several problems. In the water for three days, the heavyweight has become a new stopping point for cyclists. “I wonder how legal it is for a semi-trailer to end up on a towpath. It’s impressive”, … Read more

Dino Scala, nicknamed the “rapist of the Sambre”, will be tried for 56 rapes and sexual assaults: look back on his amazing journey

It is an extraordinary trial which will open on Friday before the Assize Court of Douai in the north of France. Dino Scala will have to answer for 56 rapes and sexual assaults. All the facts were committed in the region of Maubeuge, on the border with Belgium but also in the town of Erquelinnes. … Read more

A tractor carrying potatoes turns around in Auvelais, it ends up in the Sambre

A big fright for a farmer in the Jemeppe-sur-Sambre region, between Charleroi and Namur. Wednesday around 6.30 p.m., while driving on the N98 in Auvelais, he experienced an incident with his tractor. While crossing the Sambre, and due to poor weight distribution, the agricultural machine carrying potatoes tipped over its side. In its fall, the … Read more

“I’m going to throw you into the Sambre!”

Posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 8:22 p.m. Through B. Berthaut Valerio, until then without precedent, is being prosecuted for serious facts: we are talking here about harassment, threats by gesture, verbal or in writing, against a classmate, underage at the time of the facts, in 2020 . For many months, between January and … Read more