UPDATE Erayani Academic Degree Fraud Trial Involved in Same-Sex Marriage Sued Today

TRIBUNJAMBI.COM, JAMBI – Erayani alias Ahnaf Arrafif, the defendant in the fraud case of academic and professional doctor degrees who is also the perpetrator same-sex marriage in Jambi City was sued today by the Public Prosecutor. The reading of the demands by the Jambi Attorney General’s Office will take place at the Jambi District Court … Read more

US House votes to protect same-sex and mixed marriages

AP NOS News•Wednesday, 03:44•Amended Wednesday, 08:20 The US House of Representatives has voted in favor of a law protecting same-sex and interracial marriages across the US. The vote comes as there are concerns in progressive America that the Supreme Court can rule that out at the federal level. 47 Republicans voted with the Democrats, resulting … Read more

HIV AIDS Rise During Pandemic, Mostly Due to Same-Sex Relationships

PEOPLE’S MIND – Positive numbers HIV from Cirebon City penetrated 1,800 cases, and 300 cases of them were AIDS. This figure is an accumulation of the findings of the Countermeasures Commission AIDS (KPA) Cirebon City until 2022. Secretary of KPA Cirebon CitySri Maryati assesses Cirebon City already in the emergency category HIV. Also Read: Cases … Read more

USA. It may not end with the prohibition of abortion. The judge lists: contraception, same-sex marriage | World news

On Friday, the US Supreme Court overturned the Roe vs. Wade from 1973, guaranteeing the right to an abortion. This means that the decision on this issue will be taken by the authorities of individual states – some of them have already introduced or intend to introduce a total ban on abortion. The next ones … Read more

Lack of males, Albatross Birds Can Do Same-Sex Marriage

KOMPAS.com – Just like humans, animals also need to reproduce to produce offspring. There are animals that are loyal to only one partner, there are also those who have more than one partner. In laysan or laysan . albatross species albatross in the Pacific, males and females will bond as partners for life. Each breeding … Read more

Japanese court refuses to recognize same-sex marriage

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A district court in Japan decide the law of a country that does not recognize same-sex marriage is constitutional. A district court in Osaka, western Japan, rejected a lawsuit filed by three same-sex couples. All three sued the state to recognize same-sex marriage. “From the perspective of individual dignity, it can … Read more

82 people in Cianjur contracted HIV/AIDS during the month of April, mostly same-sex lovers

Illustration of HIV/AIDS. (Photo: Shutterstock). JABARNEWS | CIANJUR – Based on data from the Health Office (Dinkes) of Cianjur Regency, as of April 2022, as many as 82 people were infected with HIV/AIDS. The Head of Health Services at the Cianjur Health Office, Dr. Frida Laila Yahya, said that with this case, his party carried … Read more

The protection of same-sex couples will be regulated by a court until the regulation is developed

Until the regulatory framework for Constitutional courts (ST) judgment in connection with the protection of same-sex couples, the enforcers of legal norms – institutions and administrative courts – will apply the Satversme directly and directly, said ST Deputy Chairman Irēna Kucina. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Today, the deadline for the execution of … Read more

TEN People XX is a prosperous year… Kim Shin-young’s same-sex devotees → Harisu’s obscene rumors were angered by malicious rumors

Shinyoung Kim and Jiho of Oh My Girl are dating rumors Harisu makes noise in Daegu with obscene and slanderous songs Strong denial of “nonsense”, “go crazy” Kim Shin-young, Harisu./Photo=Ten Asia DB Comedian Kim Shin-young and singer Harisu have been caught up in outrageous malicious rumors. Kim Shin-young publicly denied the rumors of a homosexual … Read more

Shock for the Asian world: Same-sex couples become legal in Tokyo – Curious

T Okio will start recognizing same-sex partnerships in November after a revision of the current rules, officials said today. That’s how Tokyo will become in the largest city in Japanwho will do that. Japan is the only country in the Group of Seven that does not recognize same-sex marriage, and its constitution states that “marriage … Read more