A major shock… The revelation of the secret religion of the artist “Dalal Abdel Aziz”, which she hid from everyone, even from her husband, Samir Ghanem, and revealed after the death of the poor man?

2022/08/14 It’s 09:15 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Department of English Language, from the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, and entered the field of acting and participated in many series, plays and films. And the great Egyptian artist, who has a large fan base throughout the Arab world, … Read more

The fact that the late artist Samir Ghanem refused to prostrate to God throughout his life!! An embarrassing situation with his daughter Donia exposed everything!!

In 2021, the able artist Samir Ghanem had passed away after a struggle with illness at the age of 84, and in a painful scene, his wife, Dalal Abdel Aziz 61, suffered a short period of time, where she died on August 7, 2021. And in response to a question that says, “Is Samir Ghanem … Read more

After her transformation into a skeleton… Donia Samir Ghanem’s husband explodes an unexpected surprise about Maher’s hopes, turning the artistic community upside down!!

The journalist Ramy Radwan, husband of the artist Donia Samir Ghanem, revealed a new surprise about the artist, Amal Maher. Ramy Radwan announced that he is scheduled to make a telephone interview with Amal Maher, tonight at eleven in the evening, Cairo time, on his program “Evening dmc” on the “dmc” channel. He explained that … Read more

Emotional reunion! With a big hug, this is how Samir and Greece from The Box Challenge met again | Famous

Like a promise kept Samir y Greece former participants of The Box Challenge , they met again after the grand final was given, since the coastal man only came out the day before it, as he was one of the competitors who played in the Men’s Semifinal. On the other hand, Greece had left the … Read more

What was hidden from everyone was revealed.. This is the secret of the fall of Samir Sabri’s coffin and Nadia Al-Jundi’s screaming at his grave.. What happened made everyone cry!

2022/07/15 It’s 10:40 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The funeral of the artist Samir Sabry witnessed a demonstration of love, which took place from the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed, in the presence of his friends and students in the artistic and media circles, his fans and his fans. A number of stars were … Read more

From you to God the guilt of your father and your mother is in your neck.” .. A severe attack on Donia Samir Ghanem, and the reason is shocking!

A number of social media pioneers circulated a set of photos of the funeral of artist Samir Sabry, in which a man distinguished in his Saidi uniform appeared. Many people thought that he was a fan of the stars and wanted to take souvenir photos with them, but the surprise was that he was the … Read more

Who is the actress that you enjoyed kissing the most.. Samir Sabry boldly answered.. You won’t imagine who she is??

2022/06/30 It’s 06:40 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The late artist Samir Sabry revealed his opinion about kisses in films, during a previous interview with the “Comprehensive Examination” program, presented by Raghida Shalhoub. Samir Sabry talked about kisses in the cinema and said that he kissed many artists in films, and he viewed kisses … Read more

Samir Sabry’s will appears to the public, and all his family are surprised.. You will not believe the one who wrote his fortune after making sure that there are no children.! !

Art critic Tariq El-Shennawy shocked the audience about the wealth of the late artist Samir Sabry, and the fact that he had a son from an English wife. Tariq Al-Shennawi said in an intervention with the media, Sayed Ali, on the “Hazrat Al-Citizen” program broadcast on Al-Hadath channel today: Samir Sabry, in his announced will, … Read more

They asked the artist Afaf Shoaib if Samir Sabry used to pray.. She answered without hesitation and revealed the hidden secret.! !

The artist Afaf Shoaib spoke about the late Samir Sabry and how close he was to her, in addition to talking about the psychological crisis she experienced after her brother’s death. Afaf Shuaib said: Samir Sabry is a creative artist and is keen to help everyone, and he used to pray the imposition in front … Read more

With conclusive evidence… the sad fate of Samir Sabry’s disappeared son, who everyone is looking for… You won’t believe what happened and shocked everyone!

The artist Samir Sabry died, leaving behind a lot of mystery about his son, who did not attend his father’s funeral after his death. This caused a lot of controversy and everyone started looking for the truth about his disappeared son. Many of the pioneers of social networking sites re-circulated videos from some of the … Read more