Samsung’s 2023 Smart Display Series Receives Rave Reviews for Excellent Picture Quality and Realistic Sound Effects – Samsung Newsroom Taiwan

Samsung’s new 2023 smart display lineup is equipped with a series of innovative technologies to achieve excellent picture quality, sound performance and practicality. Samsung’s new Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K and OLED smart display models have been tested by global critics since March, and they have aroused heated discussions. It is obvious that the … Read more

““Sold out in 2 hours as soon as it came out” Samsung’s nervous ‘transparent phone’ appeared” – The Herald Economy

Nothing’s Phone One (Phone(1)) [박혜림 기자/rim@] Nothing’s Phone One (Phone(1)) [박혜림 기자/rim@] [헤럴드경제=박혜림 기자] “Sold out in 2 hours… Samsung’s nervous ‘transparent phone’ is coming out again” A new smartphone from British smartphone brand Nothing, founded by 34-year-old Chinese-American Carl Pei, is expected to be released around July. It is the follow-up product of Phone(1), … Read more

Samsung’s voice assistant will speak for you on a call

People will have to record certain phrases beforehand, then Bixby will analyze them and create an artificially intelligent copy of the tone and voice. By Technology is there to provide facilities and there are many situations in which the cell phone rings and we cannot answer. As a solution to this, a function was … Read more

LensUltra is a set of seven additional lenses. For iPhones and Samsungs, you screw them into a special cover –

Another project from ShiftCam, which wants to improve mobile photography, scored on Kickstarter. And while commonly available accessory lenses for photomobiles are more of a “hobby” accessory, LensUltra promise a significant improvement in photographic quality. If only because the interchangeable lenses are made of fluorite. Lens manufacturers for classic cameras have been using it for … Read more

‘Galaxy A24’ provides 4th generation OS upgrade for the first time in Samsung’s low-end phone

The 4th generation operating system (OS) upgrade is provided to the ‘Galaxy A24 4G’ model, the latest low-end Galaxy A lineup launched by Samsung Electronics in Vietnam. Samsung is giving the 4th generation OS upgrade to its flagship Galaxy S series and mid-range Galaxy A series. This is the first time a 4th-generation OS upgrade … Read more

Samsung’s 2023 QD OLED TVs are now on sale. The prices are quite high, so LG need not worry much –

Last year, Samsung started selling its first OLED TV, using its own QD-OLED panel with an RGB structure. In 2023, it will offer two models, the S95C and S90C, both of which are expected to have an improved, brighter 4K panel. In addition to the 55″ and 65″ sizes, Samsung will also add a 77″ … Read more

Learn the commands from Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby, that make common tasks of your day easier – Samsung Newsroom India

In an increasingly busy routine, Bixby, Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence voice assistant, has revolutionized and simplified people’s lives. His intuitive and practical voice commands begin to work from the combination of each phrase with the alert “Hi, Bixby”. Whether it is to find out about the weather, traffic or even clear up a grammar question or … Read more