Shakira sang a cappella on the verge of tears and worried her followers

Shakira is promoting “Monotonia”, a song that will be released with Ozuna on November 19. Although the singer returned to music in full mourning for her separation from Gerard Piqué as a catharsis, the last video he shared on his social networks He left his fans worried. In a film taken in black and white, … Read more

Nicha Sang Tono used his body so hard that he was admitted to the hospital. Get worried but understand the reason

Nicha Sang Tono used his body so hard that he was admitted to the hospital. I’m worried but understand Revealing the preparation of the Naga sacrifice Men’s Day Swimming Across the Mekong Follow the news, press follow, live news On 23 September 65 at Lan Hin, Major Ratchayothin famous actress Nicha Natthanicha Dangwatthanavanich gave an … Read more

Sued for Divorce by Wife, Dedi Mulyadi Writes A Touching Message For The Princess

Ane Ratna’s Love Journey with Dedi Mulyadi. Instagram @dedimulyadi71 ©2022 – Unfavorable news comes from members of the Indonesian House of Representatives Dedi Mulyadi. He was reportedly sued for divorce by his wife who is also the Regent of Purwakarta Anne Ratna Mustika. In the midst of the hectic divorce issue, Dedi was … Read more

The emotional moment in which Fito Páez sang the song A dress and a love to Cecilia Roth

Fito Páez sang live to Cecilia Roth On this Tuesday night, Fito Páez gave a historic show in a Movistar Areno full of fans to start the tour Love 30 years after love. At the recital, several generations embraced for this celebration, along with one of the most outstanding artists of Argentine popular music. One … Read more

Christian Nodal dedicates a song to Cazzu; It was the same one that he sang to Belinda

The singer continues to cause controversy. Photo: AFP The Mexican regional singer, Christian Nodalagain, shook social networks because he dedicated a song to his girlfriend Shit; the melody was “That and more”, which she had already sung to her ex-partner BelindaTherefore, reactions appeared from everywhere. The controversial video circulates on various social networks, at a … Read more

Justin Trudeau in the heat of criticism. He sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” before the funeral of Elizabeth II

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. There would be nothing shocking about it, if not for the fact that he did it in a hotel in London two days before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with his wife Sophie during a service at Westminster Abbey … Read more

Alexander Gudkov sang about the narrow-mindedness of Russians – video, photo – Glamor –

Russian comedian Alexander Gudkov made a clip-parody, where he sang that Russians have “narrow views”. Russian comedian Alexander Gudkov can go to jail for five years. And all because the comedian recorded a clip-parody for the song “I’m Russian.” Gudkov’s version sings that the Russians are actually narrow-minded and their views are narrow. In particular, … Read more

Ralph Kaminski sang in front of his high school at the start of the school year. “It’s weird to come back here”

Born in Jasło in 1990. Ralph Kaminski is a singer, songwriter and composer, creating original productions that are a cross between alternative pop and film music. In 2012, he appeared on the show “X Factor”he dropped out at the bootcamp stage. He has albums to his credit “Sea” from 2016 (with the hits “Always” and … Read more

After eleven years, Kana Hanazawa sang ‘Renai Circulation’ at the Anisama — Kudasai

On August 28, the third day of the Animelo Summer Live (Anisama) 2022 -Sparkle-a large-scale anime song live event currently being held at the Saitama Super Arena (Chuo Ward, Saitama), the immensely popular voice actress and singer appeared Kana Hanazawa. The actress appeared in Animelo Summer Live 2011 as part of the musical unit RO-KYU-BU!formed … Read more