Dhanush sang with his beloved, Aishwarya covered her face and was ashamed; Video

The split between Dhanush and Aishwarya is being widely discussed in the film world. The couple announced their separation after 18 years of marriage. Now, old pictures and video footage of the two falling in love are circulating among the fans. The video of Dhanush singing for Aishwarya while attending a private function went viral … Read more

Guillaume Gillet postpones his return to the Sang et Marine: “Not the right time to sign in Liège”

Guillaume Gillet signed up for Waasland-Beveren, refusing offers from Seraing and Beerschot and postponing his probable return to Sang et Marine until this summer. Fifteen years after leaving it, Guillaume Gillet returns to the Belgian second division. It is no longer Eupen from the Christian Brüls and Michaël Goossens era, but Waasland-Beveren, which has become … Read more

Hu Xia sang the MV of “Zero Limit” theme song “Youth Chasing the Wind”, conveying the spirit of the Winter Olympic athletes chasing their dreams_Han Geng_Dong Yingda_Hu Xiaxian

Original title: Hu Xia sang the MV of “Zero Limit” theme song “Youth Chasing the Wind” to convey the spirit of chasing dreams of Winter Olympic athletes Sohu Entertainment News The movie “Zero Limit” starring Han Geng, Yin Fang, and Lang Yueting will be officially launched on January 14th in theaters nationwide, and pre-sale has … Read more

Blues vocalist who sang ‘Beautiful Gangsan’, singer Park Kwang-soo dies

Shin Jung-hyun as the band’s lead vocalist Singer Park Kwang-soo’s life When he released his workbook ‘Park Kwang-soo 2007 Beautiful Days’ in 2007 [그림자놀이 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지] (Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Ye-na = Singer Park Kwang-soo, the original singer of Blues Vocal, who was the lead vocalist of Shin Shin-hyun’s band … Read more

Extreme Radio Concert: “I sang to the end, and everything around me was burning.” Names

“I am glad that everything is back on track. I’m even stuck. I don’t scream during concerts, but with the years, the vocal cords still wear out, especially when you sing live. “But I don’t survive, I keep quiet for a couple of days, I talk less, and they recover,” said Raji. In the LNK … Read more

Clearly, “Gam Wichayanee” sang on stage, but no one was watching. The team would like to clarify. The conclusion is like this.

after the picture was released Cheek Wichayanee Singing on stage at the eventNew Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve 2022 or Amazing Thailand Countdown 2022 – Amazing New Chapter at Phuket Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 10 Public Park, Plai Saphan Hin Beach But in the picture there is almost no audience to sit and watch. Then netizens … Read more

Kwon Eunbi sang Rocket Punch Juri Epic Seven OST

Enter 2021.12.28 15:42 Edit 2021.12.28 15:42 The first song ‘I’ll’ of the ‘OST Project’ in collaboration with various musicians by the global hit mobile RPG ‘Epic Seven’, serviced by Smilegate Megaport (CEO Jang In-ah) and developed by Super Creative (Co-CEOs Hyung-seok Kim and Ki-hyun Kang) It was announced on the 28th that ‘be your Energy’ … Read more

Demi Lovato sang to a ghost to help process her trauma

Shoots a series of documents about supernatural activities. Demi Lovato from aliens reports after he decided to start searching for supernatural activities. At least it seems in his latest series of documents, which is Unidentified With Demi Lovato was given the title. The preview of the series is pretty interesting in itself, as in the 4-minute video … Read more

The Crown Prince’s family sang Christmas carols

Hand in hand, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess came to Asker Church on Christmas Eve to participate in the service together with the children Sverre Magnus and Ingrid Alexandra. Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit go hand in hand, together with the children Prince Sverre Magnus and Princess Ingrid Alexandra, on their way … Read more

“I discovered her body full of blood”, testifies her brother-in-law

Posted on Saturday, December 25, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. Through Johanne Tinck This Thursday evening, Rudy killed his sleeping wife by hitting her with a pickaxe. After committing the irreparable, he contacted his brother who discovered the horror before calling for help. A brother who, in shock, agreed to speak to us. It was around … Read more