Saudi Aramco: the company that announced record profits that exceed the GDP of more than half of the world’s countries

wording BBC News World August 15, 2022 image source, Reuters Caption, Due to its light crude, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the greatest capacity to rapidly increase oil production. If it were a country, it would occupy position 88 in the World Bank list that classifies 207 states in the world according … Read more

The signs of the hour appear in Egypt.. An Egyptian girl takes off the dress of shyness and admits all boldness.. .. This is what my Saudi husband does to me without mercy.!! (exciting details)

An Egyptian woman named Reda Muhammad revealed the details of her suffering from her Saudi husband, who married her and traveled with him abroad, then was surprised to cancel the marriage while she was in Egypt to check on her sick father. She explained that he left her two years ago and refused to return … Read more

Giant meteorite impacts changed the shape of the Earth

A number of scholars have claimed that you need Huge size collided with the planet Earth contributed to the formation of its continents. Recent research found that our planet was bombarded by a barrage of space objects in its first billion years of existence, which helped determine the shape of its surface. In fact, for … Read more

The 2022 Hajj Cost Reaches IDR 102 Million, Ministry of Religion Asks Saudi Arabia to Reduce Masyair Costs

loading… Director General of Hajj and Umrah Hilman Latief asked Saudi Arabia to reduce Masyair’s costs in carrying out the pilgrimage. Photo/Kemenag JAKARTA – Director General of Hajj and Umrah Organization (PHU) of the Ministry of Religion Hilman Latief asked the Saudi Arabian Government to rationalize the addition of Masyair service fees (Arafah, Muzdalifah and … Read more

A young Saudi woman is forced by her brother to have a sinful relationship with him, and when she complained to her father, the shocking surprise was!! (shocking video)

The Saudi girl, Ghadi Eid Al-Ahmadi, did not find a way to express her suffering, except by resorting to social media. For many years, she claims, she remained a victim of sexual harassment, without listening to her complaints, even within her family. The girl shocked everyone that her father did not pay any attention to … Read more

Mystery of the Death of Two Sisters from Saudi Arabia whose bodies were found in Australia

SYDNEY, – The death of two sisters from Arab Saudi in Australia has remained a mystery since its discovery on 7 June 2022. That day, Australian authorities knocked on the door of an apartment in Sydney. In front of the apartment door, letters piled up. The residents also haven’t paid their rent for more … Read more

Aramco: The Saudi energy giant achieved a record quarterly profit of 48.4 billion dollars

August 14, 2022 photo released, Getty Images comment on the photo, There are growing calls for an unexpected tax on the profits of oil giants as the cost of living rises The Saudi oil company, Aramco, broke a new record with profits of $48.4 billion for the second quarter of 2022. The increase was 90 … Read more

In Saudi Arabia: The girls of the Kingdom prefer to marry the children of this Arab nationality.. Reasons that you will not think of!! (exciting surprise)

A psychological and family consultant said that it is not surprising that some Saudi women marry foreigners, revealing that Egyptians have given preference to women who interacted with them. The psychological and family consultant, Dr. Zahra Al-Moabi, indicated that she encourages the marriage of Saudi women to foreigners, especially in light of the new regulations, … Read more

A beautiful Saudi woman confesses to her friend that she is having sex with her husband.. You will not imagine how this happened and the surprise of what happened in the end! (unexpected details)

2022/08/13 It’s 07:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Young Faleh, owner of a story channel with Faleh on YouTube, told an exciting story of a school principal who shocked the teachers, that she married the husband of one of them misyar, but revealed a trick that surprised them. Regarding the details, the narrator said: … Read more

Radio astronomy detects a mysterious explosion of energy for the first time

For the first time, astronomers have detected one of the strongest flashes ever found in the sky, and it appeared as a result of a collision between a star and a “neutron star”. [جرم صغير لا يتخطى شعاعه 30 كيلومتراً ولكنه يتميّز بكثافة مادته وشدّة جاذبيته] As it is called, by radio astronomy [الإشعاعي] In … Read more