Repair works are continuing on the Tallinn highway, Saulkrasti bypass and Jelgava highway

This week, on weekday mornings and evenings, slower traffic is expected on the Tallinn highway (A1) during the repair phase of the Saulkrasti bypass, which may take less than an hour, as there are two traffic light sections and three others regulated by priority road signs, and a speed limit of 70 and 50 km … Read more

Pļaviņš / Točs “Saulkrasti cocktail” beats fiercest competitors Samoilovs / Šmēdiņš – Other sports – – Sports

In the final, the first issue of the competition, Mārtiņš Pļaviņš / Edgars Točs, defeated the fiercest competitors Aleksandrs Samoilovs / Jānis Šmēdiņš 2-0 (21:17, 21:17). Pļaviņš / Šmēdiņš defended the victory in the first set in a fierce battle, as the opponents almost destroyed the four-point advantage. In the second set, the first duo … Read more