13 reasons that prevent you

In order to maintain the few reserves of the Central Bank, the government has applied a series of restrictive measures with respect to the dollar By iProfessional 02/10/2022 – 7:13 p.m with a level of inflation that could exceed 100% per year and a potential devaluation, more and more Argentine savers are looking for support … Read more

Simulate a fixed term with a new interest rate: how much can you earn

The fixed term It’s one of the most popular savings instruments from Argentina. Among the reasons why it is chosen over other options are its ease of operation, the guaranteed interest rate, among other features. Currently, as a way of encourage savings in national currency, the national government has significantly increased the interest rate of … Read more

iOS 16: how to prevent your iPhone from saving screenshots | smartphone | tricks | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

Take screenshots from cell It is one of the most common things today, since they are used to store all kinds of information and then share it with friends, family, among others. However, the problem lies when they are not deleted and only take up space. In this situation, iOS 16 It has a new … Read more

Government Savings Bank releases home loans for the end of the year 65 “Loan this year, pay next year”, free for the first 6 months

Mr. Withai Ratanakorn, President of Government Savings Bank, revealed that from the success of the home loan arrangement “Loan this year, pay next year” of the bank at the end of 2021 with low interest rates. Along with the installment payment for 6 months, it appears that people are interested in borrowing to have their … Read more

Harry and Meghan are saving money: here is the drastic measure they have adopted

No longer financially dependent on the English crown, Harry and Meghan must tighten their belts. So they decided to sort out their lives on what is necessary or not. Results ? Exit their American communication agency. Not sure that this choice is wise in view of their unpopularity. An important decision for Meghan Indeed, according … Read more

Return of positive interest – These banks have money for saving again – News

contents The end of the negative interest era makes the savings account more attractive. However, not all banks have reacted yet. Author: Patrick McEvily, Verena Edinger How it all began: In 2014 there was a big bang – the Swiss National Bank (SNB) introduced negative interest for the first time in its history. From now … Read more

Windows 11 will prevent you from saving your password in Notepad

There are many bad security practices that compromise us, one of the most important being saving passwords. Microsoft is working to improve user security and has introduced its own lockdown system. The update Windows 11 22H2 will prevent you from saving your passwords in notepadshowing you a security warning on the screen. Having weak passwords, … Read more

advantages and disadvantages to buy it

Electric vehicles do not require much maintenance, have light weights and are easy to drive, in addition to presenting exemptions to mobilize on days such as the Day without a car and without a motorcycle in Ibague. On the Day without a car and without a motorcycle in Ibagué, around 200,000 vehicles stopped circulating, however, … Read more