The highest price the dollar would reach, according to economists

The foreign exchange market has a busy summer, because while the free dollar prices escalated sharply in the last days, the official greenback is in the crosshairs of economists. It is that an international report reflects new pessimistic forecasts, which anticipate that a strong rise may occur both in the price of the wholesale currency … Read more

Saving the world is not happening. Fake meat has become just a fad, writes Bloomberg

Foto: Media Relations Ethan Brown founded Beyond Meat in 2009 with the fantastic idea of ​​producing animal-free meat. In 2011, the company Impossible Foods joined it. Their effort was to fundamentally change the global meat industry, which generates annual sales of around one trillion dollars. But it turns out that meatless meat is not … Read more

What is the truth about Jumblatt saving 1,100 billion Lebanese pounds by transferring his real estate to his son Timur before raising the tax?

Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Confusion continues in Mount Lebanon, after talking about the transfer of real estate from the head of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt To his son, Representative Timur, in a way that was said to be in violation of the law to provide an amount of about 1,100 billion pounds before … Read more

Panasonic’s Smallest Dishwasher 【There is a piece to watch】Water saving + disinfection + small size

Panasonic will release the SOLOTA (NP-TML1) dishwasher in mid-February. It features the smallest design in the industry and has a detachable water tank. People who live alone can have their own dishwasher without worrying about space! This dishwasher is planned and developed based on the concept of “one person’s life partner”. The body volume is … Read more

We are in trouble, better focus on saving Ukraine (it will be ours too)

Giorgia Meloni is inadequate to govern Italy, she has surrounded herself with a team of acrobats with whom, however, thanks to the complicity of the media and the inconsistency of her opponents, she still manages to dominate the public discourse around nursery themes, such as Pos, excise duties and Dante founding father of the right. … Read more

Air conditioner power saving measures in winter What is the correct answer for the direction of the wind? – Weather news

2023/01/16 05:00 Weather news In December of last year, a nationwide request to save electricity was made, and it is expected that electricity charges will be raised this year. Even in the household budget, there are many people who feel that the electricity bill is a burden. When it comes to power saving measures in … Read more

Xiaomi Poco C50 Will Be Launched, Follow Xiaomi Poco C40, Super Saving Battery

The following is a review that has been summarized by infosumsel.ID via the GSM Arena site. In this edition, Xiaomi launched a generation that was quite surprising. The reason is, this new product presents something a little different. In terms of appearance, the design and specifications used have a lot of difference. In this new … Read more

Post-90s are also retaliatory. Saving money experts are in a hurry and call out to spend more money: I don’t like changing mobile phones. How long has it been since you changed? –Fast technology–Technology changes the future

Post-90s are also retaliatory. Saving money experts are in a hurry and call out to spend more money: I don’t like changing mobile phones. How long has it been since you changed? In 2022, the post-90s will love to save money. Among them, “young people aged 20-25 will also save a lot more than in … Read more

CNB Deputy Governor: Czechs are saving at record levels, sales are falling, inflation will subside

You can also listen to the interview in the audio version. For the beginning of next year, Zamrazilová predicts inflation of around 3%. “When the war effect wears off, we will go back to having inflation very similar to the eurozone. In a year we will be at the limit of our tolerance zone,” said … Read more

What can be done with 100 thousand Argentine pesos?

Argentina is going through one of its worst economic crises with a inflation which in 2022 almost reached the 3 figures, a phenomenon that many years ago did not occur in our country, added to the constant rise of the dollar which, although it did not reach inflation, was very close, with a price of … Read more