Warning Apple AirDrop: ‘Option to share files with contacts easy to hack’ – Scammed ?!

AirDrop, the function of tech company Apple that allows users to easily share files, has a security flaw, according to the Technische Universität Darmstadt. As a result, 1.5 billion Apple devices are vulnerable and with it the data of their users, the researchers say. They pointed out to Apple the error more than two years … Read more

Scammed to 22,000 bitcoins – fined 5 billion

According to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), British Benjamin Reynolds swindled 22,000 bitcoins from his customers, according to a press release from the US agency. Now he has to repay values ​​of almost 5 billion kroner, but the collection of the money can be difficult. US authorities do not know where Reynolds is. … Read more

GGD data breaches mapped: your data stolen? – Scammed?!

Due to a vulnerability in the vaccine and corona test system of the GGD, data from a thousand people has ended up on the street. That number can still increase. The information has been accessed without authorization, stolen and possibly resold, according to an investigation by the police and GGD. The leak came to light … Read more

63-year-old woman was scammed by a fake Bruno Mars: they had a ‘relationship’ on Instagram | TV and Show

A Houston man was charged with impersonate singer Bruno Mars through a fake Instagram account and get into a relationship with a woman whom he scammed with 100 thousand dollars. The man, identified as Chinwendu Azuonwu, was charged with a third degree felony money laundering last month, but was arrested this week. According to the … Read more

PlayStation 5 Customer Gets Scammed With PS5-Themed Xbox Series X Controller When Ordering DualSense

Over on the PlayStation Reddit page, one PS5 customer has provided a friendly reminder why ordering a DualSense controller on eBay isn’t a great idea. While the PS5 is impossible to find, the PS5 DualSense controller is quite easy to find on Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and more. However, recently, one Reddit user … Read more

Gamer asks for a DualSense and gets scammed with an Xbox One controller

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums We know that the hype for next-generation consoles is strong and this has been badly combined with the shortage of both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Either because of the few units that are put on pre-sale or because … Read more

The story of the lawyer who scammed Bon Jovi, Sharapova and others

Marc Stuart Dreier was a successful New York lawyer who, exploiting his fame, created a financial scheme with which he swindled the rich and famous from various countries. Your name is likely to go unnoticed by most people, except those who fell victim to your scams. In fact, his prominence in the media had little … Read more

Germany disrupts gang that scammed the elderly

German authorities have disrupted an international criminal gang that scammed elderly people by convincing them to hand over money and securities to criminals posing as police officers, a German newspaper reported on Saturday. Police in collaboration with Turkish authorities raided a call center in Izmir, southwestern Turkey, where the suspects allegedly called retirees in Germany … Read more

Suipacha: arsenal held by false police officers who scammed with trout credit cards

A large number of large caliber firearms were seized by the investigations held by the members of a gang of false policemen, who were engaged in consummating fraud through the falsification of credit cards. The operation took place in the city of Suipacha, as a result of a maneuver that had been discovered, earlier this … Read more