Superalloy: Pills 1ª. Perfect Perugia with Cisterna, Abdel-Aziz scares Monza. Bernardi in photocopy

MODENA – Numbers and curiosities in a nutshell on the four Superlega races scheduled today. Vero Volley MONZA – Leo Shoes PerkinElmer MODENA Also in the Regular Season 2020/21 the match between Brianza and Modena was scheduled at the first day. In last season Monza if imposes is all’gone that al return, an eventuality that … Read more

Last minute: Flu warning that scares experts! The last 50 years… – News

Experts warned! Could be the worst in 50 years The measures taken against the coronavirus, which has ravaged the world for about two years, made it possible to see very few flu cases last year. However, this year, warnings are coming from experts against the flu. According to the news in The Telegraph newspaper, experts … Read more

Inflation scares the stock markets, Europe closes in red. Putin cools the gas rush

Among the main European stocks, expensive energy penalized Saint Gobain in Paris: the stocks left 1% on the ground after the group announced an upward revision of the estimates of energy and raw materials costs for the whole 2021. The decline in oil stocks involved Vallourec (-9.86%), Cgg (-7.66%), TechnipFmc (-4.85%) and Total (-1.37%), while … Read more

Evergrande, the history and the crisis of the Chinese giant that scares the world markets

The Evergrande story – The Chinese giant was founded by Xu Jiayin (O Hui Ka Yan). Born in 1958, he was born into a very poor family. His redemption comes thanks to a scholarship that allows him to attend the engineering faculty at the university, chasing the dream of wealth. In 1996 he founded his … Read more

the deadly Korean drama that captivates and scares alike on Netflix – La Nación

The series takes the confrontation between social classes to the extreme of violence: the powerful entertain themselves through the misery of others. (Netflix para LN) At first glance, it seems to be a very tempting and even rational option. There is a tremendous bag of money at stake and to win it, those interested only … Read more

The price increase scares customers? ! News that Apple, MediaTek reduce TSMC 5nm orders | XFastest News

As the world’s largest and most advanced wafer foundry, TSMC’s every move will affect the global semiconductor market. Previously, there were reports that TSMC’s foundry increased its prices by 20% across the board. Although it will help TSMC increase its profitability, it will also affect customers. Apple and MediaTek will cut orders for 5nm and … Read more

The clip that scares you. What does a spider do with a mouse

The amazing video with a spider garnered several million views on Facebook in a few days. The shocking scene with the giant spider was filmed in a house in Australia, on the kitchen refrigerator, according to The Guardian. The images below show how the multi-legged predator has no problem carrying a mouse as large in … Read more

France scares Serbia, Boskovic saves the Champions and is semifinal – OA Sport

Serbia flies to the semifinals at the European Championships 2021 women’s volleyball, but the World Champions were scared for a set and a half by the increasingly surprising France. The Balkans won 3-1 (22-25; 25-18; 25-7; 25-20) at the Stark Arena in Belgrade (Serbia) and passed the round with some more trouble than expected, thus … Read more

Natascha Kampusch escapes to kidnapper after 3096 days in prison: The case scares even after 15 years – People – Woman

Fifteen years ago, it was not just Austria that shocked the case of the girl Natasha Kampusch, who escaped after more than eight years of capture by the kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil. Photo: Ken McKay/ITV / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia Natascha Kampusch pictured during a visit to the ‘Good Morning Britain’ television show in 2017. Mentally … Read more