German political scientist on the reasons why Russians support the war in Ukraine: it sounds like nonsense, but it scares people

According to both state and independent polls, the vast majority of Russians support the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine. Many of them do not doubt that they are responsible for what is happening West. How Western scientists interpret the results of Russian sociological surveys, whether the US and Europe really ignored Russia’s interests, and … Read more

They want to join Russia. “The Kremlin takes advantage of it and scares it with an atomic bomb”

– Referendum in Donbas? This sounds strange considering what is happening in both republics after 2014. What can the Russians annex there? They will announce that they will include in the Federation the Luhansk Oblast, which has long been practically all occupied by the Russians. They will announce that they are annexing the entire Donetsk … Read more

Crime in Alvalade scares residents and shopkeepers

09 September 2022 at 17:25 In one of the safest neighborhoods in Lisbon, cars have been stolen and establishments robbed. Petition demanding more security. A wave of robberies in recent months is worrying residents and merchants of Alvalade, Lisbon. There are reports of shoplifting, pharmacies and of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Frightened by the wave … Read more

‘Apocalypse Glacier’, its name scares scientists

Jakarta – The Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is melting fast. Losing the Thwaites Glacier would be troubling, but according to scientists, its nickname as Doomsday Glacier could be more dangerous. Quoted from Cnet, Thursday (8/9/2022) Thwaites Glacier is known as the Doomsday Glacier. In addition to the Thwaites Glacier, in Antarctica there is also the … Read more

Russia scares Europe. This recording was published by Gazprom – o2

Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine was condemned almost all over the world. The bestial and unjustified attack on an independent nation made Russia the enemy of many countries. Many sanctions have been imposed on the country, and most of the well-known international companies have closed their offices there. Especially in Europe, an aversion to … Read more

Kidney stones warning that scares the specialist

According to the news of DHA; Nephrologist Dr Bahtışen Güven warned that “People with kidney disease should not smoke, maintain the weight recommended by doctors and continue the recommended diet and physical activities” and used the following statements: “In patients with chronic kidney failure, waste products, salts and water cannot be removed from the body … Read more

The price cap no longer scares the EU. The times dictated by Berlin

Bruxelles. “The time has come for a ceiling on the price of Russian gas exported through pipelines to Europe,” Ursula von der Leyen said today, heralding a Commission breakthrough to respond to Vladimir Putin’s “manipulations” on energy. A few hours later G7 finance ministers have caught up a deal on a mechanism to impose a … Read more

Boy from Kyiv: “The new teacher scares me more than the war”

His mom Olin says: “We want a decent future for our children, and it depends on their education. We want them to have face-to-face communication with their peers, not through a screen. We don’t want to be afraid.” For many families, September provides an opportunity to connect with friends. However, this year tens of thousands … Read more

Small landslide ‘scares’ in Porto Moniz — DNOTICIAS.PT

This afternoon, around 4 pm, there was a small landslide in Porto Moniz. Despite the impressive images, it is known that the rocks fell into the sea, under the Regional Road area, which is closed to traffic. Contacted by DIÁRIO, the Volunteer Firefighters of Porto Moniz and São Vicente guaranteed that they had not received … Read more