The price increase scares customers? ! News that Apple, MediaTek reduce TSMC 5nm orders | XFastest News

As the world’s largest and most advanced wafer foundry, TSMC’s every move will affect the global semiconductor market. Previously, there were reports that TSMC’s foundry increased its prices by 20% across the board. Although it will help TSMC increase its profitability, it will also affect customers. Apple and MediaTek will cut orders for 5nm and … Read more

The clip that scares you. What does a spider do with a mouse

The amazing video with a spider garnered several million views on Facebook in a few days. The shocking scene with the giant spider was filmed in a house in Australia, on the kitchen refrigerator, according to The Guardian. The images below show how the multi-legged predator has no problem carrying a mouse as large in … Read more

France scares Serbia, Boskovic saves the Champions and is semifinal – OA Sport

Serbia flies to the semifinals at the European Championships 2021 women’s volleyball, but the World Champions were scared for a set and a half by the increasingly surprising France. The Balkans won 3-1 (22-25; 25-18; 25-7; 25-20) at the Stark Arena in Belgrade (Serbia) and passed the round with some more trouble than expected, thus … Read more

Natascha Kampusch escapes to kidnapper after 3096 days in prison: The case scares even after 15 years – People – Woman

Fifteen years ago, it was not just Austria that shocked the case of the girl Natasha Kampusch, who escaped after more than eight years of capture by the kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil. Photo: Ken McKay/ITV / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia Natascha Kampusch pictured during a visit to the ‘Good Morning Britain’ television show in 2017. Mentally … Read more

THE BALL – «It scares me a little playing at 9 am…» (Olympic Games)

Despite acknowledging Denmark’s greatest favoritism, Paulo Jorge Pereira did not hide his disappointment with the defeat (28-34) in the fourth round of the Olympic tournament. The Portugal selector assumed the greatest power of the opponent. “When you lose, it’s always negative, but we’re talking about facing the best that exist in this sport. It’s a … Read more

19 – Outbreak in La Spezia. The Delta variant scares Italians: reservations abroad collapse. PSG, Hakimi positive. Trafficking in fake certificates in Mexico

The Coronavirus emergency continues to give no respite not only in Italy, but throughout the planet. As usual, the Ministry of Health shared the bulletin containing the updates relating to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. I’m 3.121 the new infections on 244.797 swabs carried out, while the victims in the last 24 hours are … Read more

Camano scares Inter, Lautaro in the balance: the reason

The last words released by the attorney of Lautaro Martinez, Alejandro Camano, have raised concern. According to Corriere dello Sport, the prosecutor’s desire not to overreact is dictated by the fact that he has not yet received the right offer for the renewal of the Argentine striker. “The crisis is still there and Barca are … Read more

‘Green fungal infection’ warning that scares experts

Coronavirus epidemicVaccination activities are ongoing. In addition to the studies carried out to gain herd immunity, methods to increase the amount of antibodies were investigated. infectionincrease is noteworthy. With the emergence of new mutation types, new ones are added to the damage caused by covid every day, green mushroom It turned out that the infection … Read more

With a Bible in his hand from the Iskar gorge, Borisov scares with disasters

With a Bible in his hand from the Iskar gorge, Borisov scares with disasters. This happened during a march with young people from the party on the Vazova eco-trail in the Iskar gorge. The young people left in it collected works of Ivan Vazov in 22 volumes, and Boyko Borisov put the first book – … Read more