It’s getting scary for Juve: Are they removing Ronaldo and the stars of the “Bianconeri” from football?

The most titled club in Serie A, Juventus, is facing another huge punishment. After the Bianconeri had 15 points deducted from their asset this season in Calcio for falsifying capital gains, another issue left by the old management led by Andrea Agnelli is now on the agenda. The club is being investigated for fake contracts … Read more

“Dead Space” remake, developer also “can’t play with headphones in the middle of the night”. Because it’s too scary – AUTOMATON

『Dead SpaceThe remake seems to be so terrifying that even the development team hesitates to play it.GamesRadar+reports. Dead Space is a sci-fi survival horror game released in 2008. Isaac Clarke, the main character’s engineer, heads to the spaceship USG Ishimura to repair communication equipment. Isaac Clarke, who saw the tragedy caused by the Necromorphs, tried … Read more

Wagner-style weapons from North Korea. And the brigade is scary even in the Kremlin

They have fought in Syria, Libya and Mali, they are keeping up the Special Operation in Donbass, and in recent days, by conquering Soledar, they have managed to penetrate the heart of Ukraine. The men of the Wagner Group, the private military company of 61-year-old oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, are scary. Not only in Kiev, but … Read more

Henrik Røa with a scary fall in Kitzbühel – Swiss fears for Odermatt’s World Cup participation

Henrik Røa has undergone a successful operation after breaking his leg in the Kitzbühel descent. Marco Odermatt, the rival of Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, also suffered a blow and the Swiss are speculating whether the World Cup could fail. Published: January 20 Updated January 20 From start number 48, national team alpinist Henrik Røa drove towards … Read more

An AI creates images of people partying, and they are very scary

There is something that produces a certain rejection, details that turn these “people” into something more like “demons” Picture: Twitter When we talk about the definition of the Uncanny Valley, that hypothesis that explores the degrees of discomfort that human beings experience when observing replicas or anthropomorphic representations, they should always be accompanied by photos … Read more

The woman who reported the conflict raped the police, then it was more scary

Vanessa Torres Galá, a police officer in Veracruz, Mexico, went to the scene with a friend after a gunfight between cartel members. THEY RAPEED Here, cartel members raped Vanessa, who was forced into a vehicle by the cartel members. After the heinous incident, the cartel members cut off the woman’s breasts and killed her with … Read more