Honda Rebel 250 S Edition is not inferior to the Rebel CMX500 brother, the price is cheaper guys

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Really cool guys, Honda Rebel 250 S Edition did not lose scary with his brother Honda Rebel CMX500, even cheaper. Apparently, Honda has a variant with a smaller engine than Moto big bike Honda Rebel CMX500 that is Honda Rebel 250 S Edition who has the look and design of … Read more

The 21st century, that of epidemics? ‘Scary dynamic’ for monkeypox, not just an STI: ‘Condom won’t stop it’

What to fear? “An underestimation of the risk. For the moment, this epidemic seems without great danger because mortality is very rare and the hospitalization rate is low. But this is because it mainly affects young and healthy individuals, who are therefore unlikely to have complications. We can fear an evolution similar to that of … Read more

WHO declared a state of emergency! Scary scenario: “We may be too late”

CASE DOUBLE: CLOSE TO ENDEMIC IN MANY PLACES The disease is spreading rapidly, especially in the United States and Europe. With cases increasing exponentially, the risk of Monkeypox becoming a permanent problem also increases. In other words, smallpox is close to being endemic in many places, and if that happens it can be much more … Read more

The legend of the invincible B. Russell: so good it’s scary

The world of basketball has lost one of its founding legends – the most decorated player of the National Basketball Association (NBA) of all time has passed away at the age of 88. Bill Russell. In recent years, the veteran has been seen frequently in public, smiling and engaging with anyone willing to listen to … Read more

Not dirty, not scary: this sailing water rat will take you to rat restaurants along the Maas

Admit it: if you think of a rat, you sniffle. You find it a dirty, scary and aggressive beast. After this story you think very differently about it. Artist Maarten Bel built a rat boat and organizes tours through Rotterdam in search of the rat. “Rats are fascinating. Why does everyone hate that beast?”

Big traffic problems after Ed Sheeran’s concert at the King Baudouin Stadium: a hiccup that is scary despite new measures

Albums, concerts, escapades of all kinds, at 80, Paul McCartney never stops: ‘He always has a pan on the fire’ (PODCAST) The former Beatles bassist celebrates his 80th birthday on June 18. Sixty years after the release of the single “Love Me Do”, he is still on all fronts: albums, concerts, etc. An astonishing and … Read more