Microsoft Flight Simulator Shows Amazing American Scenarios

It’s hard to understand how far video games have come visually in the last forty years. But one of them may have gone further than any other since its launch in 1976, the iconic Microsoft Flight Simulator. In some moments, the game looks authentically like real life, as Microsoft Flight Simulator has been transformed into … Read more

ECB names 4 scenarios for the digital Euro

Source: g0d4ather – Shutterstock The European Central Bank (ECB) has identified 4 scenarios that would force them to issue a digital euro. A public consultation for a digital currency, as well as an experimental phase, will begin in mid-October. The development of a digital euro continues to accelerate. Last Friday the European Central Bank (ECB) … Read more

Future scenarios for the “European Venezuela” or Belarusian economy – Financial news – Financenet

No matter how the Lukashenko administration runs the country, one must be aware that the previous economic model has completely exhausted itself. Belarus’s growth is entirely dependent on Russian transit and subsidies. In order to reduce this dependence, it is necessary to increase the role of the state in the economy and closer cooperation with … Read more

The crisis has caused more than half a million euros in losses to Liepāja Theater; several scenarios for future action are being assessed

The theater owes the spectators tickets for missed performances at the end of last season at 88,000 euros, while the total deficit in the theater budget exceeds half a million euros, but he did not reveal the exact amount demanded from the state in the negotiations. According to the annual report of “Liepājas teātra”, in … Read more

“Never Normal”: study identified the scenarios for companies in case the pandemic is permanent

We are constantly being talked about “going back to normal” or “new normal”. But an international study wanted to be a little more pessimistic. They propose a stage under the name of “Never Normal”. In the face of the economic crisis that has been generated as a result of the coronavirus and the quarantines to … Read more

Two Scenarios That Can Make Juventus Champion of the Italian League on Thursday All page – There are two scenarios that can realize the mission Juventus to immediately seal the title Italian League this season. Victory in the Juventus vs match Lazio in the 34th week A league solidify the position of Cristiano Ronaldo et al at the top Italian League standings. Two goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo ensure … Read more

Streeck calls for scenarios in the event that there is no vaccine – domestic politics

Virologist Hendrik Streeck (42) warns of false expectations in dealing with the global corona pandemic! “It is important to also design scenarios in the event that there may not be a vaccine,” said the director of the Institute of Virology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn in one Interview with the FAZ. … Read more