“Harry Potter” actor with dwarfism dies suddenly! Passed out outside the classic fictional scene “Platform 9¾” during his lifetime | International | CTWANT

‘Harry Potter’ star Paul Grant dies (Photo/taken from Paul Grant IG) The British star Paul Grant (Paul Grant), who once played the “Gringotts Goblin” in the “Harry Potter” series of films, was found passed out on the afternoon of the 16th while filming the classic fictional scene of “Harry Potter” “Platform 9¾” (Platform Nine and … Read more

Half of the weather report!The horror scene of the female anchor hanging from her eyes and falling to the ground is broadcast live|Dongsen News

2023/03/20 18:28 Zhang Youning, responsible editor of Dongsen News There was an accident in the United States recently. A female weather anchor started to roll her eyes during the broadcast. The next second, she fainted on the anchor platform, and then fell to the ground. , and the anchor himself responded. ▼The female anchor was … Read more

Putin visits Mariupol at night and condemns: Criminals return to the scene

Putin visits Mariupol at night and condemns: Criminals return to the scene online report Political situation 19.03.2023 On March 18, Putin visited the Russian-occupied Crimea Peninsula and Mariupol, the port capital of Udon. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the adviser to the presidential palace strongly condemned this. On the same day, both Russia … Read more

People watched the bloody scene: a teenager died on the highway while riding a stolen horse

Entertainment invented by young people – after stealing racing horses from the stable to ride them ended in tragedy, reports LNK. The Dallas position reports that the teenagers who ran out on a Texas highway on stolen horses collided with a car. A fourteen-year-old was killed, two others were injured. Witnesses of the event were … Read more

Someone completely remade Resident Evil 4’s opening scene in LEGO

Many of you may have experienced the opening part of Resident Evil 4 again, thanks to the currently available Chainsaw Demo, which gives players a look at the opening 20 minutes of the upcoming remake. But if you haven’t checked it out, why not experience the opening section in a different way? Because animator Cara … Read more

A rare scene.. A dying star 30 times larger than our sun was spotted preparing for a massive explosion

Friday, March 17, 2023 09:23 PM Friday, March 17, 2023 09:23 PM observing telescope James Webb The alien witnesses a rare sight of a dying star about to explode in a supernova, deep in the universe, some 15,000 light-years from Earth. And according to the “RT” website, NASA shared the image with the inhabitants of … Read more

Kiel “crime scene”: Axel Milberg gets out – NDR announces successor

The ‘Borowski era’ should come to an end in 2025, as the NDR announced. Two more years until Axel Milberg is replaced at the “Tatort” in Kiel. Axel Milberg will give up his role as Chief Inspector Klaus Borowski. The NDR announced on Wednesday morning. Accordingly, he will be in Kiel for the last time … Read more

The National Museums Foundation mobilizes 6 MDH to promote the artistic scene – Today Morocco

The National Museums Foundation has launched a call for competition for the acquisition of works of art and heritage objects. The objective is to promote the artistic scene and Moroccan artists by offering them the opportunity to present their works to a wide audience. The National Museums Foundation (FNM) works to enrich the cultural and … Read more

bad surprise for Jozef and Anne-Marie once in court, “within a millimeter, it would have been fatal to us” (video)

In August 2021, Jozef and his wife Anne-Marie, a couple from Kortenaken, had planned to treat themselves to a long weekend at the North Sea, in their second residence, located in Nieuport. But, quickly, their stay had taken an unexpected turn. Indeed, while they were traveling on the E40 towards the coast, they had to … Read more