“Dance of Fire.” A photographer documents dynamic scenes of this tradition in Saudi Arabia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — In the shadow of the enthusiastic atmosphere, and on the impact of songs and poems, a performer resembling an acrobatic performs dynamic movements among the sparks of flames. When seeing a glimpse of sparks from afar, and the echo of the showy, coordinated steps, this may suggest to some … Read more

If you made temptation scenes, you would reach a greater position

Tell me – Egyptian artist Hala Sidqi revealed her opinion on presenting the roles of “temptation” in artworks, noting that if she had accepted to present them, she would have reached a completely different place than she is at the present time, as she put it. Sidqi said in televised statements that in her artistic … Read more

Surprising scenes in front of Maryla Rodowicz’s house. “It hasn’t happened yet”

Maryla Rodowicz she is adored not only for her energy, distance to herself, sense of humor, talent or dozens of hits. The artist is also extremely open to her fans. They have often shown that they are invited to the stage, post-concert meetings or meetings in the dressing room. What happened to Maryla on March … Read more

Behind the scenes of the 2×1: how the most scandalous ruling of the Supreme Court was conceived | The suspicions of negotiations between Mauricio Macri and the courtiers

A Statement before the Impeachment Commission began to lift the veil on how the 2×1 ruling was put together which benefited the repressor Luis Muiña, one of the torturers who operated at the Alejandro Posadas Hospital during the last dictatorship. For the deputies of the Frente de Todos, it was clear that the sentence – … Read more

Singer Arwa reveals the scenes of her crying on the air!

special She confirmed to Al-Arabiya.net that the TV presentation did not take her away from the song Al Arabiya.net – Muhammad Ahmed Published in: March 25, 2023: 10:34 AM GST Last updated: March 25, 2023: 11:37 AM GST She made headlines after her meeting on the “Kalam Nawaem” program, which made the audience sympathize with … Read more

Watch the video and audio.. What happened behind the scenes terrified the director because of what happened..The forbidden scenes from the movie “Man and Jinn” starring Yusra and Adel Emam. Her dress was torn because of her beauty

Yesterday, Thursday, the artist, Suheir Ramzy, traveled to spend a short vacation, after the effort she made during filming the latest series, “Night Umm Al-Banat.” Suheir Ramzi said in a special statement to Sada Al-Balad that she left Cairo at dawn on the first day of the holy month to meet with her family members, … Read more

For adults only, without shame.. The strongest and most beautiful scene in the Egyptian and Arab cinema, by the artist Mona Zaki Shahir, from the scenes of the movie “Ashab Wala Ezz” .. and the audience was defeated by the movie “Man and Jinn”

The movie “Ashab wala Ezz” since it was shown for the first time, and many of their episodes were leaked, and it is at the forefront of social networking sites, and although it presents many stars in the Arab world, including the artist Mona Zaki and many stars, the movie is very important because of … Read more

Video. Télé-Ramadan: Immersion behind the scenes of “L’Maktoub 2”

Last Ramadan’s hit series peaked at 10.8 million viewers. Written by Fatine Youssoufi and directed by Alaa Akaaboune, the second season is likely to do even better. Eco Life was invited on the film set. In Rabat, a villa turns into a film set. “L’Maktoub”, the flagship series which shattered all audience records last year, … Read more

The Fed did it! So what will happen now? Here is the behind the scenes of the critical decision…

The Fed passed the quarter-point rate hike law, expressing caution over the recent banking crisis and noting that rate hikes are coming to an end. Alongside the ninth hike since March 2022, the rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) noted that future increases are not certain and will largely depend on incoming data. In a … Read more

The series “The Pressure Game” invites itself behind the scenes of the Swiss football team – rts.ch

Throughout 2022, a film crew followed the Swiss football players. From training camps to the elimination of the World Cup in Qatar, their daily life can be discovered on RTS and Play Suisse in the documentary series “The Pressure Game, in the heart of the Nation”. On December 6, 2022, the Swiss team left Qatar … Read more