Not a festival, but an unexpected fireworks show in Scheveningen

The International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen would be celebrated this year, because it exists 40 years. This event was also canceled due to corona. But the organization had a surprise in store tonight. Around 9.30 pm, the sky above the coast was illuminated by about a hundred drones and then popping fireworks, reports Omroep West. It … Read more

‘Rapper Blacka arrested in investigation into Scheveningen stabbing’ | NOW

Rapper Blacka has been arrested in the investigation into the stabbing at the Pier in Scheveningen, it reports Broadcaster West Sunday night. Blacka is the foreman of the Rotterdam drillrap group Blacka 24. Two days earlier it was announced that a seventeen-year-old boy had indeed been arrested in the investigation into the stabbing. Earlier, two … Read more

Urgent debate of The Hague city council on unrest in Scheveningen and Schilderswijk

“It is clear that it is important to us. There is really something going on.” Mayor van Zanen of The Hague left no misunderstanding this afternoon in an emergency debate about the unrest in Scheveningen and the Schilderswijk. “It should be possible to turn the tide with a few serious interventions.” The Hague city council … Read more

Swimmers beware: sewage water discharged off the coast of Scheveningen

Anyone who goes swimming anyway runs the risk of stomach and intestinal complaints, warns the municipality of The Hague. An important wastewater treatment plant Scheveningen stopped working yesterday. Normally, it purifies about 79,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day. Negative swimming advice Negative swimming advice applies to Noorderstrand, Zuiderstrand and Zwarte Pad in Scheveningen. It … Read more

‘The war has begun’, it sounds among drillrap fans, after fatal stabbing in Scheveningen

While Scheveningen experiences one of the busiest beach days of the year on Monday, at the end of the day, frightened screams and sharp screams can be heard from the pier. People scatter on the wooden decking. A man in a red shirt stays lying at a stroopwafel stand. The 19-year-old young man from Rotterdam … Read more

Mayor Van Zanen interrupts vacation; Scheveningen unrest ‘unacceptable’

Mayor Van Zanen of The Hague has responded to the fatal stabbing incident at the Scheveningen Pier last night. A 19-year-old man from Rotterdam was killed. “That is incredibly sad and we deeply sympathize with the next of kin,” says the mayor. Due to the situation, Van Zanen has interrupted his holiday in Egmond aan … Read more

Search for missing surfer Mathijs yields nothing: ‘We will not stop here’

Mathijs is one of the five surfers who ran into problems last Monday at the Noordelijk Havenhoofd on Scheveningen. A number of water sports enthusiasts managed to reach the side safely, but five surfers and swimmers were killed in the drama. Mathijs’s body was still seen in the sea the next day, but the emergency … Read more

The Hague’s catering establishments and beach bars are allowed to expand terraces

Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 11:01 AM THE HAGUE – Hospitality in The Hague will have more space in the coming months. The municipality allows entrepreneurs to expand their terrace by a maximum of 25 percent from 1 June to at least 1 September. The city council is thus meeting cafes, restaurants and beach bars that … Read more

These are the victims of the drama of Scheveningen, five men who loved the sea in this way

The black sign with the five white fish, which symbolize the killed surfers, contrasts considerably with the sea of ​​flowers that has been displayed before. Many people have a link with the killed boys. Is it not personal, or because they also surf or know each other by sight. The dismay is great with family, … Read more