Anniversary of the Statute, Schifani: “Sicilian autonomy never fully implemented”

Dear Sicilians and Dear Sicilians,Seventy-seven years of autonomy are a goal, but above all a commitment. The Statute, promulgated on May 15, 1946, is our fundamental Charter and came after a long process of reclaiming the autonomy of the Sicilian people. Our “special” autonomy has never been fully implemented, triggering numerous confrontations and disputes with … Read more

Schifani shakes Forza Italia and launches the Sicilian model

07 Maggio 2023, 06:00 3′ OF READING PALERMO – A plural party with southern traction. It is the model outlined by Renato Schifani during the two days of Forza Italia in Milan. The president of the Region, on several occasions, has slammed his fists on the table on issues dear to Sicilians: undifferentiated autonomy and … Read more

after the farewell of Ryanair, the announcement of the president Schifani arrives

«From next May 15th Aeroitalia will take over Ryanair for air connections to and from the airport confiscation». This was announced by the president of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifanifollowing a telephone conversation with Gaetano IntrieriCEO of Aeroitalia. In fact, two days ago Ryanair had communicated the stop to the connections with the Ragusa airport. … Read more

Capital of Culture, Schifani: “All of Sicily supports Agrigento”

26 March 2023, 17:14 1′ OF READING PALERMO. “All the Sicilia supports and cheers so that Agrigento can be chosen and proclaimed the city Capital of Culture 2025. Tomorrow in Rome the mayor Francesco Miccichè will be before the evaluation commission to illustrate the candidacy and the projects of his city, the only Sicilian running … Read more

Sicily, the exhibition at the Cannes festival becomes a coincidence: almost 4 million without tender to a Luxembourg company. Clash between Schifani and Fdi

A Cannes sparing no expense. Despite the shaky accounts and the failure to approve the budget, which triggered the provisional exercise, the Sicily has allocated in fact almost four million euros to participate with great fanfare in the well-known French Film Festival. An amount awarded without tender to a company based in Luxembourg and which … Read more

Rome saves the budget of the Region, ok to the fund for flights with Sicily. Schifani applauds

The “Save Sicily” rule approved in the Budget Committee in the Chamber which allows the Region to overcome the findings of the Court of Auditors on the 2020 budget. Technically the rule entered the maxi-amendment to the national stability law and aims to spread the deficit of 866 million contested by the Court of Auditors … Read more

A flight from Milan to Sicily costs more than one to New York: the Region reports to the Antitrust. Schifani: “The government intervenes”

Like an intercontinental trip. Fly in Sicily per Natale costs more than a ticket for New York. A flight Ita Airways and Milano indeed, for the Big Apple with departure on December 23rd and return on January 8th it costs 604 euro. On the same dates, however, a flight from Milano per Catania costa 834 … Read more

“I’m with Morvillo, Lagalla and Schifani unwelcome in via D’Amelio”

“I absolutely share Morvillo’s words on the participation of some characters in the commemorations in memory of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. smells of mafia or even condemned for mafia, they manifested during the recent election campaign. These characters will certainly not be welcome at the commemorations of July 19 for Paolo in via d’Amelio. … Read more