Are Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank on the verge of collapse? What is happening? – FINANCE AND MASTERS OF THE WORLD

Credit Suisse, one of the largest banks in the world and second only to UBS in Switzerland, is at a “critical moment”. This was stated in a note by Credit Suisse CEO Ulrich Koerner, as reported by the financial portal TheStreet. “I am aware that there are many uncertainties and speculations both inside and outside … Read more

Germany will launch a gigantic fund to fight the energy crisis. Scholz: we open a large umbrella

“Prices have to fall,” said Chancellor Olaf Scholz at a press conference in Berlin. “To achieve this goal, we are opening up a large umbrella.” Germany wants to borrow up to EUR 200 billion to finance a plan to reduce the economic impact of soaring energy costs. Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s administration will move a fund … Read more

Scholz on Putin: – Make mistakes after mistakes

Pro-Russian authorities have declared victory in the Ukrainian counties of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhya, where the so-called referendums have been taking place. Thus, it is expected that the Russian National Assembly will support the result and incorporate the counties into the Russian Federation, and consider it as its territory. It may happen in the … Read more

Scholz asks the sheikhs for gas. “You might find it embarrassing, but …”

“Badische Zeitung” writes in conjunction with Scholz’s journey: “It is understandable and pragmatic that Europe and Germany they need to secure their energy supplies. But perhaps it would be fairer to admit openly that human rights and democracy issues are values ​​that sometimes lag behind other interests. “ “Peanuts” and “embarrassment, but …” In turn, … Read more

“With the Uniper affair, the German government of Olaf Scholz is not at the end of its troubles”

Rsystemic hazard: event that endangers an entire system. In this case, the entire economy of Europe’s leading country. The nationalization of the German gas supplier Uniper is likely to figure prominently in economics textbooks as an illustration of the phenomenon. After spending nearly 19 billion euros to try to save the company, Berlin is forced … Read more

Olaf Scholz at the UN forum: Germany is ready to become a permanent member of the UNSC | World news

Chancellor Germanspeaking to world leaders in New York, he stressed the need to reform this UN body. – Principles and institutions must be adapted to the realities of the 21st century. This also applies to the UNSC. Germany is in favor of its reform and extension for many years, above all, so that it also … Read more

Scholz spoke about the conversation with the “Fuhrer” – World –

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who occasionally telephones Russian President Vladimir Putin, spoke of certain shifts in the Fuhrer’s rhetoric. But despite some changes, Putin yet did not refuse to seize part of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the German chancellor is sure that diplomatic negotiations with the head of the Kremlin should be continued, since these conversations are … Read more

Scholz: Germany’s reaction to the annexation of Crimea should have been tougher

Scholz assumed that a more coordinated and tougher reaction of the international community to the annexation of the peninsula would not have cemented in the mind of Russian President Vladimir Putin the idea of ​​repeating this type of attack on Ukraine again, Although the international community imposed sanctions against Russia after annexing the Crimean peninsula … Read more

Scholz urges Putin to withdraw troops from Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Gabrielius Landsbergis, stated that “now there is no doubt that Ukraine would have driven out the Russian forces several months ago, if they had been supplied with the necessary armament”. Photo: Ints Kalnins/REUTERS/SCANPIX 11:00 a.m. on September 15, 2022 Valdis Bērziņš, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read … Read more

Scholz after conversation with Putin: he does not see war as a mistake

The two talked for an hour and a half. During the conversation, Scholz made clear to the Russian president how Germany feels about the war. “I am convinced that Russian troops must withdraw so that peace can be achieved,” the chancellor said. First conversation since May Scholz calls it positive that he has spoken directly … Read more