A compact smartphone with a large folding screen? Oppo would delight us once again with its Find N2

New rumors are emerging about the screen of the Oppo Find N2, Oppo’s next foldable smartphone. It would compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a similar book format, but with a different ratio. The Oppo Find N unfolded // Source: Frandroid L’Oppo Find N2 is long overdue, just like the Find N2 Flip, … Read more

Huawei P60 appearance and specifications exposed: there will be a dynamic island screen- DCFever.com

Text: Tony It has been rumored on the Internet that Huawei’s product launch cycle next year will return to normal, and will launch the flagship phones of the P series and Mate series within one year as usual. Recently, the design and some specifications of the Huawei P60 have been exposed. The most eye-catching thing … Read more

How to put the screen display right side up when everything has gone wrong…

It can happen anytime and to anyone. One fine day, without anyone knowing why, everything displayed on the PC screen turned. The display flipped 90 degrees (a quarter turn), or even 180 degrees (a half turn). The taskbar finds itself glued to one edge of the screen or to its top… In short, everything is … Read more

confirm! Xiaomi 13 comes with IP68 waterproof rating, flat screen and the world’s thinnest bezel!

Xiaomi 13 Series Confirmed for Official Launchin China on December 1st After announcing the launch date, it gradually releases a teaser. The latest is the highlight of Xiaomi 13, the initial model that we think is very interesting, both the ultra-thin edge screen and the first waterproof standard! Let’s start with the screen. Xiaomi 13 … Read more

“Need for Speed: Unruly” will be launched soon, and the PS5 real game screen will flow out in advance | XFastest News

EA’s classic racing game “Need for Speed” series of new worksNeed for Speed: Untamedwill be officially launched this Friday. After 3 years, players have finally waited for a new series of games. In the trailers of the new series, you can see a variety of comic-style cool special effects, which also makes this generation more … Read more

nice discount on a Viewsonic 32-inch gamer screen

Notice to gamers: the ViewSonic VX3218 PC screen is less than 210 euros on Cdiscount. This 32-inch curved screen has maximum responsiveness and fluidity up to 165 Hz! Finding a good gaming screen consists mainly of choosing between 3 parameters: responsiveness, fluidity of the display and resolution. Here is a very good screen at a … Read more

Amazon wants to go to the big screen

Image: iStock After Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Amazon wants to make even more film and television, but that will cost a lot of money. It almost seems as if all major tech companies have started restructuring. There are layoffs left and right. It is no different at Amazon either: there may be … Read more

Many allergens on smartphones | aponet.de

“Smartphones showed elevated and variable levels of β-D-glucans and endotoxin. Cat and dog allergens have also been found on pet owners’ smartphones,” Hana Ruran said at the American Annual Allergology Conference. β-D-glucans are found in the cell walls of fungi and are an indication of the presence of problematic molds. Endotoxins can cause severe inflammation … Read more

Open specification realme 10 Pro series, comes with a 120Hz curved OLED screen for the first time, to be launched in Thailand on December 8.

After being launched for a while in the Chinese market for realme 10 Pro and realme 10 Pro+, now it’s the turn of the global market. Including in Thailand to experience both these smartphones before the realme 10 Pro series is released on December 8, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. Let’s see the specifications of both. … Read more