Taron Egerton to star in ‘In With The Devil’ on Apple TV + • On your screen

Apple TV + It seems that she is willing to get all the names she can for her series and this time we announce that she is coming to the platform Taron Egerton, protagonist of Rocketman and Kingsman. We’ll see him in the six-episode limited series titled In With The Devil, from the scriptwriter of … Read more

A sliding smartphone with a wraparound screen, this is Xiaomi’s latest idea – Xiaomi news

Although a few days ago we knew about the latest Xiaomi patent where we were shown a most unusual camera, today we echo the new Xiaomi idea that unites the sliding system that we already saw in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with a surround screen most curious. As reported from LetsGoDigital, Xiaomi has registered … Read more

the screen scrolls to reveal the selfie camera and reaches the rear

Xiaomi With the Mi Mix Alpha concept He has shown that he has the know-how to do whatever he wants with screens, turning the entire surface of a smartphone into a screen. A certainly suggestive solution, but not very practical, and with high costs for both the end customer and for mass production. Since then, … Read more

These are all the Xiaomi that have a fingerprint reader on the screen – Xiaomi News

Although facial recognition came as the latest revolution in security, the unlocking by fingerprint reader it remains one of the favorite methods of the vast majority. Its simplicity of use and precision make it continue to be the most used unlocking method. Since their first integration, fingerprint sensors have evolved enormously, reaching the point that … Read more

How to prevent your Xiaomi screen from turning on when receiving notifications – Xiaomi News

Default, the screen of our Xiaomi turns on every time we receive a notification. This, in certain cases, can be useful although the truth is that it has a negative impact on the battery of our smartphone, as well as for our privacy That the screen of our Xiaomi is turning on every time we … Read more

Butak 21 will screen the French animation film ‘Josep’ at tomorrow’s cinema club

Butak 21 will screen the French animation film ‘Josep’ at the cinema club tomorrow Thursday. The session will take place, at 7:00 p.m., at the Zelai Arizti aretoa. “Eighty years have passed since tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the consequences of the end of the civil war were locked up in France in terrible … Read more

A new family comes to the screen of TC Televisión, with the series ‘Together and scrambled’ | Television | Entertainment

Ecuadorian families and their idiosyncrasies are part of the inspiration for this story. Together and Scrambled is the new comedy of TC Television, a series featuring Leonardo (David Reinoso), a hardworking and enterprising man who will move to live in his parents’ house with Catalina (Érika Vélez), his current wife, and her daughter. So far … Read more

Xiaomi launches a new smart switch that also includes a practical screen – Xiaomi News

After launching its Mijia Smart Wall Socket just a few days ago, Xiaomi today presented its new smart switch. This time it is the Xiaomi Mijia Screen Display Switch, a multiple switch that also includes a practical screen. In detail, this new Xiaomi smart switch comes as the easiest option to control home lighting. Thanks … Read more