iPhone 15 Pro Max reveals screen parts It could have the thinnest bezel Apple has ever made.

iPhone 15 Pro Max reveals screen parts It could have the thinnest bezel Apple has ever made. IceUniverse, a reliable insider, reports that Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max The top model is about to be released. It will come with the thinnest screen bezel that Apple has ever made. From the leaked image, it can … Read more

The technical sheet of the Poco F5 is revealed, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is entitled to a new screen, the recap

We now know which processor will use Xiaomi’s next Poco F5, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will use a new screen that is more immersive than ever, a film critic has never heard of the game Tetris, this is the recap. A few months before its launch in France, part of the technical sheet of … Read more

Valve: Releasing a new Steam Deck model with an OLED screen will not be easy

Release of the updated model Steam Deck with an OLED display is not such an easy task as it seems at first glance. This opinion was shared by one of the key developers Valve. In an interview with PC Gamer, the creator of Steam Deck Pierre-Loup Griffet noted that the company is aware of the … Read more

Launched in Hong Kong for the first time! $7,000 is here! OPPO Find N2 Flip: Extra large screen and powerful camera!The flattest foldable phone on the market

OPPO has attracted attention since the release of the foldable phone Find N2 Flip. It is all because of the attractive design of this phone, plus the extra large external screen and good photography functions. This side box was also launched in Hong Kong immediately after it was announced, and it was sold at a … Read more

We look at a screen for an average of 5.5 hours a day: “Ophthalmologists warn of an epidemic of retinal problems” | My Guide: Health

We spend an average of 5.5 hours a day looking at a screen, of which 2.3 hours at our smartphone. Justine Pardoen, founder of the Dutch Youth & Media Agency, gives tips for cutting down. Because all that screen time is not without consequences, including for our eyes. What is reasonable screen time? “Screen time … Read more

Small screens are cool enough! Jonsbo D41 Mesh screen version case unpacking / 8-inch LCD screen, vertical air duct planning

As ARGB has gradually become a standard configuration on various hardware, gaming PCs have been equated with shiny lighting effects, but at the same time, the PC DIY community is gradually getting tired of RGB lighting effects, and players are gradually turning to mods. Jonsbo’s new model D41 Mesh screen version chassis adopts the concept … Read more

REVIEW | Review of the Redmi 12C, a small mobile phone. But let the specification be perfect, large screen, durable battery, 50MP camera, starting price 4,499 baht

Redmi 12C It is a small mobile phone that was launched at the beginning of the year. with the highlight of this model, the specification focuses on use indaily life for a long time Both the battery is tough. Or a large screen that gives a perfect sense of use and the design of the … Read more

Doogee R10 tablet with Helio G99 processor and 2K IPS screen launched in May

belbalady.net Inc. will Doogee expands its product line with the upcoming rugged tablet; Doogee R10The tablet is scheduled to hit the market in May this year. is expected to run Doogee R10 by a handler Mediatek Helio G99 With a random memory capacity of 8 GB. The device will also feature a screen IPS accurately … Read more

Chinese smartphone for children has 5” screen and no games and social media – Tablets and phones – News

The Chinese brand Duoqin has presented the Qin3 Ultra, a smartphone that it targets school children in China. The device is relatively small and has its own download store without games, social media and video apps. The phone measures 12.7×6.2cm, while many telephones are at least 15.5x7cm and in many cases much larger. The device … Read more