Cinema Bize will screen Dario Arento’s legendary film Sighs / Day

Movies Sigh The activity takes place in a prestigious ballet school in Germany. Here comes the young American dancer Suzanne, who is destined to witness what the human body can create during a ritualized performance. It turns out that art can become a cover for transcendental evil. The range of red tones, the dynamic editing … Read more

Samsung site confirms arrival of Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with notch in screen – Tablets and phones – News

Because the screen surface can then be larger with smaller bezels, except where the camera is. I don’t understand why a small group of people are so vocal about this. Obviously, most of humanity either has no problem with this, or even prefers it. It’s not a matter of stopping this nonsense, but moving with … Read more

Bang since the beginning of the year, “Patrick Nattawan” appeared on the world-famous Times Square New York screen.

latest young “Patrick Nattawan” has released the power of cuteness through the screen LED center New York Time Square It’s the second time and I have to say that it’s far from the real world. by young “Patrick Nattawan” Has modeled for a famous Chinese magazine like WAVES with the concept winter boy or winter … Read more

The version of the show Hunting Screen created by Elmars Senkovs and Liene Lindes will be available online / Day

The production of the play won the recognition of both viewers and critics, was nominated Gamblers’ night as a small form show of the year, and last year, when theaters were closed to the public, it transformed theatrical forms into a new, experimental cinematic version. It will be available online until February 20. Director Elmārs … Read more

But what an offer… PineNote tablet with ink screen, without operating system and hackable at $ 399

When you buy an electronic device, while you have to set up the basics, you don’t expect to do much more than pair your E-mail accounts, however with the tablet PineNote, you will have to do more than that. PineNote is a tablet with an electronic ink screen, and although it is not the first … Read more

Review of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G, 6.4-inch screen, 120Hz refresh, 3 rear cameras, 4500mAh battery, starting price 22,900 baht

Samsung Thailand has launched Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Went at the beginning of January this past. The new smartphone will come with premium features that are popular for Galaxy fans such as pro camera quality. Take pictures at night with Night Mode (night-mode) with all lenses, both front and rear cameras. Capture clear night … Read more

The cheap iPhone 14 screen will bring a pleasant surprise

For several years now, Apple has been launching two ranges of iPhone within the same generation. On the one hand the ‘Pro’ models, and on the other the standard ones. These have differences in some sections such as the camera, but also in the screen. And despite the fact that this year the elimination of … Read more