Apple’s ‘iPad mini 6’ Jelly Scrolling is due to the location of the display controller board?

According to multiple foreign media on the 29th (local time), iFixit, a site specializing in disassembling IT devices, recently released a video of disassembling the ‘iPad Mini 6’, and the recently controversial ‘Jelly Scroll’ phenomenon was displayed on the display. It was analyzed that it might be related to the controller board layout. According to … Read more

iPad Mini 6 has a screen disparity problem, jelly scrolling when scrolling the screen quickly.

The iPad Mini 6, released last week, has received positive user feedback. But there are a number of users found that the screen has symptoms. Jelly Scrolling When scrolling the screen vertically Jelly Scrolling It is a term that refers to a distorted display on the screen. When the left and right sides are not … Read more

Some users of the iPad Mini 6th generation have a problem with scrolling screen and the image is jelly.

when iPad Mini 6 starting to reach the general user It has already started to have reviews coming out for you to see. Which some users have encountered problems when scrolling the screen vertically, they will encounter jelly scrolling. This problem usually occurs when scrolling the screen that is currently being displayed in text or … Read more