Morocco in search of the film that represents it

The Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) has launched a call for projects to select the only Moroccan film that will represent the Kingdom, in the category of international feature film, during the 95th ceremony of the prestigious Oscars competition, organized by the Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), and scheduled for March 12, 2023 in … Read more

Police Search Surabaya’s Old Empty House After Viral Screams of Woman

Surabaya – The sound of a mysterious woman’s scream suddenly appeared from an empty house on Jalan Demak Jaya I, Surabaya, East Java. Residents searched for the source of the sound and reported it to the police. Reported by detikJatim, Monday (8/8/2022), the Head of the Bubutan Police, Kompol Christian Manapa, confirmed that his party … Read more

Training and home search: the first real Roman day in Wijnaldum – – Latest news As Roma calcio – Interviews, photos and videos

The first day in the capital of the new Giallorossi signing passed between the morning session with his teammates in search of the new home that will host him at least until next June Georginio Wijnaldum since yesterday he is officially a new player of the Roma, but his adventure in the Giallorossi jersey began … Read more

Police Search for Red and White Flag Installers Alternating in South Jakarta

Jakarta – Flags with alternating red and white colors were flying around the Pasar Minggu area, South Jakarta. Police are now looking for the person who put up the flag. “Which tide We are still looking for it,” said the Head of the Pasar Minggu Police, AKP David Rido when contacted, Friday (5/8/2022). David said … Read more

He turned from the most famous Egyptian artist until he became poor, almost sleeping on the sidewalk in search of his daily bread… This artist saddened millions of Egyptians.!!

Egyptian artist Sherif Khairallah revealed the details of the financial crisis he went through during four years, due to the lack of roles offered to him. Sharif Khairallah said, in his interview on the “Al-Satat” program on “Al-Nahar” channel: “I sold everything, starting with Arabic, in the hope that there will be development, and the … Read more

Astronomers in search of our cosmic origins

SUMMARY Chemical signature What about extraterrestrial life? “on July 12, when I saw the first images taken by the space telescope James-Webb (JWST) (1), I was amazed, says Olivier Berné, from theInstitute for Research in Astrophysics and Planetology, in Toulouse, in Haute-Garonne. So much beauty combined with so much detail that scientists can exploit is … Read more

The sudden disappearance of the timer from Google search and doubts about the cause

The most popular way to set the time must be searching for the timer through Google, but this feature has disappeared from Google without warning since last July, which prompted search engine users to ask why the timer built into the Google service disappeared, without finding any An answer from the American company. The history … Read more

The search for the vaccine against covid-19 rises after Red Alert in Dallas County

Dallas- The next day of Red Alert statement for covid-19 for Dallas County by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 50 people came to the TR Hoover Community Development Center to receive a dose of the coronavirus vaccine. It was one of the multiple vaccination events that the Dallas County Department of Health … Read more

Prosecutor’s Office finds a new suspect and was in search of the child

In the last few hours, the Prosecutor’s Office revealed an important advance regarding the case of Thomas Bravo. The persecuting entity found a new suspect: a well-known resident of Caripilún, who during the search for minorparticipated in it and accompanied the family. It came to him thanks to a woman with whom he would have … Read more

James Webb Telescope Operates, With Quality Scouts Assigned to Search for a Second Earth

INDRAMAYUHITS – Advanced technology Telescope James Webb start science operationsbelieved to have the opportunity to find planet at the right distance from the sun and under conditions that can support life. “How did we get here? Where can we go? Is there another Earth out there?” Here are some of the questions that dominate the … Read more