The General Inspectorate is searching for the identity of the pedestrian killed

“The unidentified pedestrian had a specific gait and used a French cane,” said Ivana Nguyenová, a spokeswoman for the General Inspectorate of Security Forces. The accident occurred on December 29 at half past five in the morning in front of the intersection of Wilsonova and Vinohradská streets. According to her, there were two cars on … Read more

I discovered that the whole world is searching for happiness

During the last period, specifically from the middle of the second year, she became surrounded by the spotlight, especially after her marriage, then her honor at the Carthage Film Festival, her membership in the jury at the Cairo International Film Festival, and after that her multiple projects, with which her name was announced. It is … Read more

James Webb, the largest space telescope in history, is searching for answers to two key questions for humanity

Romteleskop James The net, A revolution in the observation of the universe that astronomers around the world have been waiting for for thirty years, successfully launched on the Ariane 5 rocket this Saturday at. 12:20 GMT. “Good separation of web telescope, Go Web“Jean-Luc Voyer Kurú announced from the space station (French Guiana) that the upper … Read more

Explaining NASA’s new telescope and searching for clues to our universe

CNN asked readers what they wanted to know about the telescope and its mission. Here is what they said. How much does it cost to manufacture a telescope? Stephanie Milam: It cost NASA $8.8 billion to build, launch and operate the Webb Telescope. When you include the operating costs, this brings the total bill to … Read more

Brendan Rodgers close to Man Utd as he starts searching for a home in Manchester

Foreign media reported that now Brendan Rodgers has begun looking for his new home in Manchester Amid speculation that he will become Manchester United’s new manager, reported on November 15, 2021. afterman unitedhavefootball resultsNot good at all in recent times, resulting in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being reported to be dismissed daily. The name of … Read more

Searching for! People Immune to COVID-19

Jakarta – Imagine if we were born naturally immune to SARS-CoV-2, and didn’t have to worry about contracting it COVID-19 or spread viruses. If you have this superpower, researchers will want to meet you and enroll you in their research. In a paper in Nature Immunology, an international team of scientists has launched a global … Read more

KPK secures money when searching the private residence of Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) secured documents and money from searching two locations in Palembang City, Saturday (23/10), during an investigation into the case that ensnared the inactive Musi Banyuasin Regent Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin (DRA) and his friends. . Two locations, namely the private residence of the suspect Dodi on Jalan … Read more

Perseverance mission confirms interest in searching for traces of life on Mars –

The first results of scientific surveys of the NASA Perseverance robot, on a mission to Mars, were published this week in the journal Science. This first glimpse of Martian geology confirms the interest in looking for traces of ancient life there. Among the discoveries resulting from the surveys of the Perseverance rover, which arrived on … Read more

Searching for missing 15-year-old in Harstad – NRK Troms and Finnmark – Local news, TV and radio

Around 1340, the police report on Twitter that the missing 15-year-old has been found dead in the sea in the downtown area. The discovery was made by crews from the Coast Guard with an underwater drone. The police were notified of the discovery just after 10.30 on Saturday. The relatives have been notified of the … Read more

Update Searching for Mother and Child Killers in Subang, Many Witnesses are not caught by the media

DESKABABLE – Update look for murderer Mother and child from Subang, apparently many witness others are presented which no caught media. So far, it is commonly known that the people questioned are Yosef, Mimin, Yoris, Danu, Ujang, etc. murderer Mother and child from Subang. But it is suspected that it is actually more many witness … Read more